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  1. Kirsty

    Strange leaf in HAY?! Advice please?

    Hi all, I brought some hay from a farm shop. It's the usual place I go to as they do a large bale for £5.50 and it's lovely green meadow hay! however, this bale I got yesturday has a lot of these leafs and stems in? Is it ok for my guinea pigs to eat? I have been trying my best to pick it out...
  2. oxtinamona

    Urgent help/advice/second opinion needed ASAP, I think my girl is slipping away

    Hi, one of my girls ( she may be anything from 3yrs + as we rescued her so do not know her age) has gone down hill since yesterday really quickly. I have found two lumps and we took her to the vet who found lumps around all of her lymph nodes. Effectively my worst fear was lymphoma and the vet...
  3. Shannon R

    Eye lesion

    I saw this eye lesion/red area, almost looks like the inner part of an eyelid, on my 15 month guinea pig today when I got home from work. It wasn't there yesterday. Does not seem to be bothering him. His cage mate is very submissive so I dont think it would have been him. Any ideas? I will be...
  4. Kirsty

    Cysts? Tumour? Pig At Risk Of Pts

    Hi everyone. I'm putting this thread on to ask for a second opinion on behalf of a friend. She has a guinea pig and her vets have suggested that she is to put her guinea pig to sleep because of the growths on her back. I told her I would ask on here what everyone thought of the matter? The...
  5. piggie smitten

    Has Anyone Had Bloat Treated With Needle Decompression?

    Hi, I've recently had two pigs with bloat which was treated by putting a needle in their side to get the gas out. In fact one was done 3 days running after bloating up again (which stopped after I told the vets to stop giving him any more veg). Both seemed to recover for a while only for us to...
  6. piggie smitten

    What Would You Do?

    Hi, our beautiful boy Squeak is currently staying at the vets after going off his veg on Thursday. We just two weeks ago lost our other boy Bubble after he'd seemingly got over an extremely bad case of bloat, then come home only to have to go back after two weeks because he'd gone off his food...
  7. piggie smitten

    Travelling In Car On A Hot Day

    Hi all, my boar Bubble is going for a ten week check up on his teeth on wednesday at the Cat and rabbit clinic in Northampton. Its about a two and a half hour drive each way. I'm a bit worried as they say its going to be about 20 C on Wednesday and humid. Any tips on how I can make sure he...