young boar

  1. Squid's Mom

    Daily Critical Care?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and I have an 8 week old guinea pig named Squid. He had a rough entry into my life as I got him and his brother, Triscuit, from Petco only to have Triscuit cough up blood and die 4 days later. Needless to say Squid was rushed to the vet soon after and was treated for a...
  2. B

    Rumble-strutting or —?

    Hi! I am a New Guinea pig owner so forgive me if I seem a bit clueless! I got two boars back in December, two siblings who just turned 3 months old. They do quite a bit of rumble-strutting, which I understand is a boundary setting/dominance display. They've never reared/lunged/nipped/hissed or...
  3. G

    Baby guinea pig on antibiotics for URI getting worse?

    I have a male guinea pig I got from petsmart, I do NOT support buying over adopting, however he was clearly sick and very badly beaten by the other guinea pigs. When we got him he seemed to get a bit better, only minor symptoms of his URI. So we waited a bit before getting him into a vet for...
  4. PaytonMichelle


    So I have 2 adorable boars and have had them for a little over a month now. I got them from petsmart so I don't know their true age but I think they are only a few months old based on their weight and popcorning often. Yesterday they nipped at one another for a minute then stopped and continued...
  5. Dajofi

    Young Pig Behaviour - Help?

    Hey, We bought 2 young (7-8 weeks) male pigs 2 days ago and we’ve noticed the more confident one is shaking/shivering and breathing quite rapidly (only noticeable from his sides), additionally he’s sneezing/coughing every now and then. We’re unsure what to do next as we don’t want to unsettle...
  6. Ruby200e

    Getting a new friend

    So I have a New Guinea pig his name is Chorizo I’ve had him for about a week now, he lets me pet him and hand feed him, but really doesn’t let me pick him up. I want to get him a new friend but I’m not sure what age should I get the other piggie, Chorizo is about 2 months, so should I get...
  7. S

    Taking care of a runt?

    I just adopted 2 Male guinea pigs from the same litter about a week ago, dont know exsact age but around 2 months. One is a fair amout smaller then the other, pretty sure he was is the runt. He is eating, drinking, looks and seems healthy. Is there any special care runts need?
  8. S

    Bonding Boars- Need Advice

    Hello! I adopted Charlie in February and he’s now a nearly fully grown boar. Knowing he needed a friend, about a month ago I adopted Wilber, a 3 month old boar. After a three week quarantine, they met in a huge room. I had a blanket, hay, vegetables, and all the necessary items. At this point...