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young male

  1. LDs_mom

    Mixed Signals: Troublemaker Personality Or Genuinely Angry?

    So I got my piggy Lieutenant Dan (aka Dan Halen) a few months ago (he may be an Abyssinian? He is my profile photo)) and even though he's still young and likely hormonal, I'm not sure if his current behaviors are just his young personality or if it sounds like he is actually not content. So...
  2. Keiko The Pig

    Sneezing Young Pig, Worried Owner

    This morning I awoke to hear my young Keiko sneeze a couple of times in a row:( Ive heard him sneeze the odd time here or there or make a sound while grooming that almost sounds like he's sneezing or spitting on himself, but I didn't see this time if he was cleaning or not. I of course went...
  3. Kelsey Darragh

    White Lumps On My Male's Bottom?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this site and GP's so any advice is appreciated and if I'm doing anything wrong let me know! Yesterday me and my partner bought a child's paddling pool for our two boys to run around in as we thought this would be easier than a run which makes it a little tougher to...
  4. Spacedcakes

    Got A New Piggie (4 Months) Need Help

    I put him in the cage with my 10 month old & the 4 month old won't stop mounting my older one. The cage is 3 x 4. It is clear to me that they have completely different personalities. My older one is very shy and the younger one very feisty. It is only his first day and he is already chewing on...