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A Beautiful Sunday Walk With My Girl :)

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Oct 13, 2013
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I took Megan on a lovely walk today, only a 15 minute drive from home. I'm sure you'll agree it has a fantastic view! The weather was glorious and Megan loved it :)

And I took her to get a new toy also this morning so she's had a lovely day, as have I :)
Thanks guys :) it really was lovely. And it still had some snow too which was fun. You don't really realize what is on the door step sometimes! :))) xx
Megan is stunning :love:

Your walk looked beautiful. You live in a really picturesque part of Wales, the snow makes it look extra pretty with sunshine around it
Awww thank you :) she is a beauty, but then I'm biased :))
Yes, it does doesn't it. The snow and sunshine made for some beautiful pictures :))

Wow those photos are stunning and Meg is beautiful as always. We are hoping to have a little camping holiday in South Wales so perhaps we can meet up and take Dream and Meg for a lovely walk together this summer :) I like her toy, she looks so pleased with herself!
Oh Megan is stunning! The second photo should be printed on a wall canvas or framed.

I thought exactly the same it would be a lovely canvas wouldn't it :))

And that sounds amazing Goth MUmmy, please let me know if you do visit!
She loved her new toy so much hahaha she's so funny, makes my heart want to burst when people say lovely things about her :) x
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