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A Minor Catastrophe...

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Jan 19, 2014
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This was the scene in my lounge this evening:


(only, y'know, not sideways...)

This morning we noticed a few beetle-type things wandering around on the carpet. Then a few more appeared. And more. It turns out that we have an infestation of aphids that have come in on the tree and woken up two weeks later due to the heating being on (aka the boiler being fixed). The only way we can safely deal with them without using insecticides or literally taking everything down to shake the tree outside is to hoover them up.

My skin is crawling :(
lol! I took forestry in school and something like this happened to me in my dorm room. They made weird webbing overnight on the celling. It was unreal how fast the webbing went up! I don't know if it was aphids though. I never did find out :)
This happened once to us, never again, the tree was binned immediately and we've never had a real tree since. We have a nice black artificial one that looks very classy. ;)
Haha, nope - we aren't that bad! :))

I've hoovered up a few intrepid explorers from the carpet this morning and found another little huddle in the tree. What my husband and I lack in numbers, we make up with Dysons!
Haha oh dear! I also immediately thought you just enjoyed hoovering the tree!

I bet it's making your skin crawl. Team Dyson to the rescue!
Uurgghhh it literally makes me feel itchy whenever I think about it. I wonder if I'll get home from work and find them helping their mates out of the hoover and scuttling all over my carpet?! :hb:
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