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A Nice Surprise

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Dec 25, 2014
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Lancashire, UK
I've had my two rescue boys Paddy & Rohan for about 1 month now, and they are settling in very well. I had a nice surprise today during floor time. They've got used to me using one of their beds as their transport in and out of their cage. So this evening when I didn't leave their bed out on the floor for them to climb into when they are ready to go home, they came to me and jumped up onto my knee. They've never done this before,they usually just run to the cage bars and start trying to get into the cage or chewing the bars when they want to go in. As soon as I put the bed out on floor, they dashed in and waited to be airlifted home. I just thought it was a really cute moment and wanted to share it with you all. It seems like they are getting used to their routine and beginning to trust me hurray :D
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