A tribute to my Coco

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hey everyone on the forum i'd like you to meet a very special piggy who left us on 6.9.06. She was a beautfil Teddie and i miss her everyday.
this shows a little bit about Coco my little angel who is up in heaven  :'(

in Febuary 06 after nagging me parents they finally let me have guinea pigs. My mum wanted to have rabbits but my friend has one and it scared me! We rang up a breeder because pets at home never seemed to have any females. We went to the RSPCA too, for rescued piggies but they were always reserved.  >:( At the breeders she brought out a rex brown male and a tiny baby female teddie who was brown and white. We thought it was unfair having a male with such a young female we choose a ginger female from the boys litter. They grew up in a 3ft double hutch. They always seemed to be scared of me so i was constantly taking them out to see them. and soon Coco grew on me. She sit for hours on my lap and they run up and down the living room. Coco seemed to be growing really fast and she became more of a friend than my guinea pig. We'd spend ages watching TV on the sofa and she loved to eat carrots. My parents decided to get divorce so things really got rough for me, but just holding Coco brightened up my day, she come over to me and cuddle up next to me. In the summer we got Smidge from pets at home. He was insfetsted in mites and was meant to be a female. His immune system was really bad and he had a cold. Being my first experience with piggy colds i thought nothing of it but i kept him warm and snuggly. For a couple of days smidge seemed really ill all he'd do was sleep and he wouldnt come into the run. My mum said he was just tired and needed to rest. When he recovered he wenti nto the run with the other piggies as i watched over them. Coco was always biting smidge and didnt take to well to him. I told Coco off and she soon learnt to leave him be. Me and my dad went on holiday and my mum looked after the guinea pigs. i kept worrying about them so i was always ringing. Coco who was usually chatty was not even making a sound we barely heard her breathing! I was sooo worried and when i got home she didnt seem herself i asked my Mum to take her the vets but she refused and demanded nothing was wrong with her. Then i went on holiday with my Mum and by the time i got back Coco was always sleeping and was panting when she breathed. We took her to the breeders and she was really concerned. Coco didnt eat and she had to go vets had with the breeder he put her on medincec and the cold had settled on her chest causing pnemonia. One week later she gave up and fell asleep :'(
I couldnt believe it, i'd spent all summer with this little piggy and now she was gone. The rest of the story is we got Fluffly when Coco died and found Smidge humping her  ;D so we got George to keep him company, Smidge is now neutured and back in with his girls and so is geroge. Biscuit seemed to miss Coco alot. She seemed so distance and scared but she built her confidence up now, before she wouldnt leave anywhere unless Coco went first, it really hit her.
I have a good picture of Coco on my phone and now when ever i feel sad i just look at it. I no it sounds weird but i dont mind. I miss Coco everydy and still now i cant believe she is gone. I miss her everrydayy x

i no that some other people on the board lost their piggies too recently and you feel like the pain never stops espcially if the they were the ones that stood out in the crowd and done things your other piggies wouldnt do. I no that Coco will always be in my memories and i no Biscuit still remembers her because she hasnt been the same since, but like her i have learnt to get on with it.  :'( even at times when i seem to need her the most.

Some things Coco did
hide in my coat and chew it (grrr)
house trained
watch tv
run crazy round the room
hide under the sofa (grrr)
sleep on her special sofa
kick poor smidge of the sofa
chase smidge
be the leader
explorer the garden
go to her little tree in the garden

:'( miss you coco my little piggy! :'(

here is a picture of coco (right) biscuit (left) as babies sitting on a pillow in my room they loved sunbathing on my windowsill so you cant see it very well.


here are sum pics of my piggies
"http://p6.piczo.com/img/i181042432_86403_6.jpg" style="
smidge (black) and ma lil fluffly (ginger)
"http://p6.piczo.com/img/i110779405_14419_6.jpg" style="
lil georgy (white)  and biscuit in the red eglu she refused to come out
smidge and fluffly agen

The childhood hutch - Coco and Biscuits Hutch they grew up in  :)

The new hutch - Coco Biscuit and Smidge's hutch coco spent only 3 weeks in it  :'(
(now residnce by Georgy, Fluffly, Smidge and Biscuits)

Thanks for reading this x RIP Coco

heres a pic of my piggies i just made :

Jan 27, 2006
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So sorry about Coco, guineas go downhill so quickly that it's best to get them to the vet ASAP, the vets could've done more for her than the breeder could.

One thing i'm puzzled about though, why did you take Coco to the breeder to get her pregnant if she wasn't well? :-\


well i no you dont but i believe that guinea pigs should have one litter atleast so we took her there and she said she'd look after her while she was ill but my mum wouldnt let her go to the vets! :'(
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