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A Unique Guinea Pig

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Junior Guinea Pig
Oct 8, 2011
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Casper the guinea pig and his very best friend Badger, a rabbit, lived at an animal shelter in Cornwall. Now I do not condone putting a guinea pig and rabbit together but they absolutely adored each other and had been friends for years.

They were allowed to free roam at the shelter and meet and greet prospective adopters. Very sadly in January Badger had to be put to sleep:

Poor Casper was distraught. I have been given the honour of re-homing him to live with one of my single ladies:

He is a unique guinea pig. Because he was used to socialising with volunteers and the public, he has no fear of humans - he acts more like a dog!

He has a yellow "lap" towel which he now uses as his "nap" towel. He climbs on whenever he feels like a nap - whether there is another guinea pig on there or not!

Casper 5.JPG Casper 2.JPG

Casper 3.jpg

He has also befriended Hattie the "killer" pig from Walsall RSPCA:

Casper 3.JPG

I have never known a pig like him - he provides so much joy and pleasure and is a real credit to the animal shelter.
Oh I'm so happy Casper has made some new friends and is now living with you .
Aww! What a wonderful story. I'm so sorry you lost Badger. Casper is amazing!
That is so cute! I am so happy he has more friends to be with.
A wonderful story, what a big character he is for such a little piggy :)
What a lovely story, sounds like he has settled in really well.
Awww I am glad Casper has found a piggie friend that he can talk to. I do love happy endings!
What precious photos!
I'm sorry sorry for your loss. I'm glad Casper has a friend now.
What a wonderful pigsonality and a one-off character indeed!
Aww that's fab, it's great that you've given Casper some new friends, bless him he is lovely :love:
What a great story and a beautiful pig
What a fantastic story and an amazing guinea. He really sounds like one of a kind. So very sad badger died.
That's a lovely story, poor oiggy though loosing his best friend they looked so happy together. Am pleased he has got a wonderful new home
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