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advice please

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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
As you know I lost my darling Dr last week.

I would like to get a new friend for Riffy and Scarby, and I think it would help me to move on and heal. I don't want to rush into anything, as all three of us need time to grieve. How long should I wait? And how should I go about it? Put the new piggie in the spare hutch next door to the others and let them see each other and wave? Should I introduce them in the indoor run?

Please don't think I am not respecting Dr's memory. He is unique and I love him so much x
No-one's gonna think that, lovey.. You will know in your own time when it feels right to get another piggy, so how long to wait is your choice..

I would introduce them in a run then when you want to put them together in the hutch/cage, it's best to clean it first then put them in as all the old smells have gone..

Kelly xx
thank you. I am very tempted to find another golden agouti, but it won't be Dr so I think I will just have a look and see.
You'll find one when you least expect to and then there will be a certain connection
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