Alfalfa review


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May 1, 2020
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Shropshire, UK
Not sure if this has been done before or if there's a thread for this already but I thought I'd review 2 types of alfalfa hay that I've been using.

(Note alfalfa should only really be used for malnourished, pregnant/nursing mums and babies which don't have alfalfa in their pellets).

As many of you know by now my one 'boar' turned out to be a sow. Fast forward a few weeks and out come 2 babies.

After much guidance from other members on here I was advised to feed some alfalfa as I use Timothy based pellets. I found it difficult to get hold of some but thankfully in the end I did.

I've heard that alfalfa king hay is incredibly dusty so I avoided that.

I initially got some small bags of oxbow alfalfa (I couldn't find any big bags). It was £5.99 per 425g bag on Amazon. As oxbow is a trusted brand I thought why not give it a go?!

I was shocked how dusty it was. It was all chopped up into small bits which probably didn't help. It didn't appear as fresh as I'd have liked and wasn't as green as I expected. Every bag was like this. I couldn't find any other brands available until a few days ago.

I ordered a box from small pet select after watching a video by Saskia from the LA guinea pig rescue. It's a bit more expensive than oxbow but totally worth it. It smells super fresh, is more vibrant and is long stem with hardly any dust! I am very pleased with the quality and so are my piggies. They've dived straight into this one and are now refusing the oxbow one!

I ordered a 910g (2lb) box for £15.24 off Amazon.

I'd recommend the alfalfa from small pet select over oxbow as the difference is incredible. As I said, my piggies won't touch the oxbow one now because it's that good.

Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice. The oxbow is definitely more yellow though.