All About C & C Grid Cages Around The World

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Mar 10, 2009
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This is an overview of the available information on C & C grid cages.

Recommended cage size overview Cage Size Guide

To see what C&C cages look like Member Gallery: C&C cages/homemade cages

Ready-made grid cage kits providers
There may be other suppliers by now, as these cages have become very popular over the last few years.
You can also look for Midwest guinea pig habitat cages in various countries.

Some recommended suppliers in different countries
UK: C and C Guinea Pig Cages | Guinea Pig Cages

US and Canada: Cubes and Coroplast for C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs
More sources: Where To Find C & C Cage Materials In North America,

Australia: Guinea Pigs Australia – Grids
New Zealand: AucklandCavyCare

Sourcing grids only
Look out for Safco metal wire storage cubes: currently sold in Wayfair stores in various countries or on ebay.
C&C - Grids/Cubes/Connectors

Grid safety
Please check that the grids have got dense enough wiring to prevent accidents!
Which C&c Grids Are Piggy Safe?

Sourcing correx / coroplast /corrugated plastic
Correx / Corrugated Plastic / Coroplast Suppliers
UK - I've Found A Correx Supplier- Stores Uk Nationwide
Alternative linings: lino offcuts, plastic shower curtains.

Cage fleece liner providers and sourcing fleeces
- (UK) Hammocky Hammocks - Hand Crafted Luxury For Your Pet

- Alternative sources for fleece: look in supermarkets etc. for acrylic or polyester bead speards or baby blankets, or order micro fleece by the metre from online fabric shops.

- How to make your own liner: How to make a cage liner (with pic's)

For fleece bedding and an appropriate underlay, please see our bedding overview: Bedding For Guinea Pigs - Overview
And our fleece tutorial video: Fleece Tutorial Video

If you have got specific questions, please start a new thread in our housing section for getting the most knowledgeable answers and recommendations.
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