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Feb 17, 2015
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Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Hi all,

After I got Reptar in December I noticed he would sneeze a few times a day but he never had any other symptoms of a illness. When I took him to the Vet in February, the Vet examined him and said he didn't have an infection and I could just give him children's Benedryl if the sneezing proceeded. I should note he lives in his live in play pen which is on a bed comforter that gets washed every week and I use scent free laundry soap to wash it every week. Maximus who lives in the same cage with him never sneezes. I've also given Benedryl to Reptar on occasion and he still sneezes a few times a day. I've wondered if my household candles or my perfume cause him to sneeze more.

Has anybody ever had an issue with a particularly sensitive guinea pig? Is this common?
As far as I know anything that smells such as candles and air freshener can cause guinea pigs to sneeze. How about not using the candles and seeing if that helps?
Please do not burn any candles, scent sticks, air fresheners and parfumes in the same room as guinea pigs. They have a much more delicate and sensitive respiratory system than us. See whether that makes a difference!
To add to the above, allergies are quite rare tbh, so I'd suggest doing the above as it's probably irritating their noses and see if it improves :)
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