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Amazing Guinea Themed Christmas Present!

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Just out of interest how big is the book as my friend has given me a book to but I havnt unwrapped it yet but ill bet its this!
Hmm I have felt a book in one of my prezzies. At first I thought it was a recipe book as I like to bake but now you've got me thinking it could be this!
Very cool, I don't think I have seen that before..
I have seen this book. It is lovely. Don't wait for next Christmas, get it now! I bought one and sent it to a friend. I'll have to get another copy for myself!
KINDLE_CAMERA_1417506379000.jpg KINDLE_CAMERA_1417717493000.jpg KINDLE_CAMERA_1417717551000.jpg KINDLE_CAMERA_1417717493000.jpg KINDLE_CAMERA_1417717493000.jpg KINDLE_CAMERA_1417717551000.jpg My fabulous hubby built me guinea wharf for Christmas present: a 3 storey homebuilt set up for my 5 boys, but I also opened a fab extra pressie this morning; a hand engraved slate sign for their home! Ahhh I love him so much :)
A previous housemate of mine had this book - its meant to be a silly thing but its such nice quality! I keep meaning to get myself one, loved it :)
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