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Another Guinea Pig?

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Carly Biscoe

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Mar 22, 2015
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South Wales, UK
I'm looking for some advice please. We had two male guinea pigs from same litter living together. Bought them couple of months ago so around four months old now. Unfortunately my mother let the dog into the garden when guinea pigs were out of hutch yesterday and he attacked and killed one. Was horrible. :-( I know they are social animals and I hate to think of Otis, the remaining one, being lonely. On the other hand I'm concerned that a new guinea pig may be stressful for him if they don't get on. What would your advice be? Do you think we should get him a companion? I did call Pet shop and they told me not to get another as they would fight. I really don't know what to do for the best. Otis is a non neutered male and hasn't seemed overly dominant in the time we have owned him. Thanks for your help. Carly
Hi and :wel:!
I'm so sorry for your piggy's death.
You could neuter your boat and adopt a sow piggy to be his piggy girlfriend or you could find him a male companion which would be more risky as fighting ...
How old is he?
Thanks. :-( I haven't forgiven the dog yet. Otis is about four months. Id rather not neuter unless I have to just because he seems so little to go under anaesthetic. Do you think that would be the best option though really? I'd feel so guilty leaving him lonely on his own...
Hi and welcome!

I am very sorry for what happened! it must have been a huge shock for you all.

Firstly, before you think about new piggies, please dog-proof the hutch and the run and make sure that your dog cannot get at any guinea pigs under any circumstances. A neighbour's dog managed to dig underneath their badly maintain fence and kill our supposedly safe piggies when I was a teenager, so I know how quickly it can happen and how determined dogs can be. If you cannot do that, it may be fairer to consider contacting a good standard guinea pig rescue (certainly not a US shelter with a euthanising policy), so he can find a good and safe home.

Here are our tips for what you can do for bereaved piggies in the short and long term. Could you please bring your remaining boy into the house, well away from the dog, as he will be very shaken by what has happened? Make sure that he also has got a soft toddler safe toy or soft rag to snuggle up to.

Could you please add your country, state or (for the UK) your county to your details as your options are very much depending on what options you have got locally (i.e. piggy savvy rescues). We can provide contacts for several countries, but not everywhere has many or any within reach.
I live in Pontypridd, South Wales, UK. I have found a local rescue online and have messaged them for advice. We will not be rehoming Otis. He is my daughters pet and she is upset enough about Basil's death. :-( I just wanted advice on the best thing to do for Otis with regards to getting him a new friend or not. Thanks for the helpful link.
Try having a look at our rescue locator in the top bar, rescues are added based on being approved. This means you are likely to find rescues that will help you to bond Otis with a piggy that suits him whether this is another male or looking at neutering and finding a wife. They will also ensure that all piggies have been health checked and quarantined to minimize the chance of introducing any ailments to your piggy also
Have found a local rescue that have three young boars looking for homes. Real babies that are not long weaned so fingers crossed Otis will bond with one of them. I'm taking Otis there this afternoon so fingers crossed all works out. Thanks so much for advice.
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