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Another Hay Question

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Oct 5, 2015
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I would like some advice please. I know there is a lot of threads on this forum regarding hay, and I've looked at lots, but I am still confused.

I have been using a 3.5kg Bob Martin my little friend meadow hay £4.50.
Piggies love it, it's dust free and smells lovely, nice and green and they eat a lot of it. I owned horses for over 20yrs so I would like to think I know a nice looking hay.
I've just opened a bag and its dusty not nice smelling and looks more like straw. Obviously a nasty batch. But I've only got a bag of spare Timothy hay ( which I bought as a treat twice a week ) to give them as they won't eat the meadow hay I've just opened.

Now I am looking for a similar sized bag 3.5kg meadow hay for a similar price to buy online. I would like to stick with meadow hay as their main food, treating them to a little Timothy hay twice a week.
It's extremely confusing all of the types of hay......so recommendations please xx
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