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I'm still checking around to see who can exam Pebbles.. But for the past few days.. She has been rumbling at me also.. She will run and hide in her house whenever I try to hold them.. And when I do pick her up she squeals and acts like I'm killing her.. I was able to hold her for a while this morning to feel her belly.. And I'm pretty sure that she is pg.. There are two bumps on either side of her belly that's definately something... While she was out I brushed her and she got really mad when I bushed towards her bottom... She usually likes to be brushed.. So I can't figure out what's up with her.. Is her hatefulness a sign that she may be getting ready to give birth.. :-\
Any advice you can give me would be great..



Hm. Well to be honest I dont know anything about pregnant piggies. But maybe you should look up some things on pregnant pigs and their behavior and stuff, or go to a vets. Or just call a local vet with your question. Hope this helped. :)
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