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Anyone Got Any Of The Old Oxbow Vitamin C Tablets?

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Adult Guinea Pig
Apr 1, 2007
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Braintree, Essex
This is a real long shot. I just wondered whether anyone had any of the discontinued old Oxbow vitamin C tablets they didn't want, that are still in date. My piggies don't like the new Oxbow Natural Science ones.

No advice needed on when/whether to supplement etc - I know what I'm doing. :)

Thanks in advance.
Only one of my guinea pigs took to the new tablets so, I must admit , I've stopped giving them and rely on them getting their vit C from their diet.

Even if you do manage to get a bottle of the original recipe - this product had been discontinued - what will you do when that bottle runs out?

Have you contacted Oxbow?
Oh yes, I know it would be a one off. I'm only plotting for my holiday in the summer. At the moment I am syringing the vitamin C into them, but it would be great for when I'm away if I could find something they would take voluntarily, that's all.

The Oxbow website shows that the product has been replaced by the new version, as I recall, so they are obviously no longer making it.
They'd never accept it voluntarily though. I'm already syringing vit c liquid into them, which is fine for me and the OH, but I just wanted something they might take voluntarily for when we go on holiday.
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