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Anyone Know What's Going Onj

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Nov 22, 2014
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so candy my big guinea pig is very playful and boysterious anyway I got 2 little babies yeaterday and candy is use to living with other piggies but put them all together on floor time and the babies loved candy they all got on fine but then after a while of being in the cage there was rumbling but no violence or biting it blood ect just this... I'll upload a video candy is the black and cream piggie oh and there all girls
It'll probably just be part of the establishing dominance between them. As long as it is just rumbling and no more than a little nipping (no blood or cuts) you just need to keep an eye on them. There's loads of useful info on bonding in the behaviour section that I'd recommend you read to reassure yourself.
It's more so candy will go up to them and nudge them or will go in the big house and will nudge them out so she's on her own
YeAh that sounds like normal dominant behaviour to me. In our group of 4 girls we have one who is the clear boss and shoves the others out if she wants to go somewhere.
it is always best to give one hidey for each pig. So they don't fight over the one hidey a lot of pigs like having their own hidey and when bonding always use hideys with 2 opening so the big pig can't trap the ones in. If trapped they can fight. You can make a hidey out of boxes just cut 2 opening in them. Would take the hidey your using away for now. Bonding likes normal to me. But I am worried about the hidey
I agree. You could alternatively make a hidey by pegging a tea towel over a corner so it drapes down - that way the whole thing is easy to exit.
I have 2 hideous just removed one and the roof on the other for them to interact and to check on them.. There's 2 holes on each one too so can't be blocked in

But looking at their behaviour as you can see it isn't violent is this normal
They are beautiful piggies especially candy :-) I don't know if it's normal as new to this bonding business but my new 2 were doing this the other day and they are both a bit better today
Thankyou all I'm still trying to find names for the 2 baby sisters
Ohh I'll have a think... If I had females here are some names I might chose:
Mavis & Gingy
Precious & Princess
Fudge & Toffee ( would also go with candy)
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