Are we doing ok with food?

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Nov 8, 2010
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We have 2 foster pigs weve just taken on (first time piggy fosterers!)...

Things we've discovered:

They LOVE grass and dandelion leaves - currently giving them quite a lot but only about twice a week.

They eat a good amount of hay - i read that it should be 50-80% of their diet?

They dont eat as much dried food but LOVE veg...which i think we may be overfeeding them with?!

Poos seem OK at the moment - a few soft ones, but most are fine, so hoping we are getting the balance ok.

Most of the veg is organic from my shop where i work and i have no idea yet what the dried food is - it came with them when i took them off a friend..but I'm thinking it might be gertie? it has a lot of green flakes it in.
The seem to leave the pellet type bits in the bowl and eat the rest.

Are we doing ok? its hard because we have only got to stroke one of them but Esme doesnt currently like to be touched - so its not as if we can pick them up to weigh them as weve only had them 11 days..

:) we love them
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