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Attached Poop/ Poop Stuck In Bum?

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Nov 14, 2014
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New Jersey
Hi everyone, this is my first time on this forum. I've been developing some concerns for my guinea in the past few days. Lately her poop has not come out the way it did in the past. Now it is lighter in color and a bit more mushy in a way... I've read that this sort of thing happens to older guineas with their muscles, so it might be that, but I just wanted to get some opinions.

My guinea pig's name is Guinea, she is 7 years old. Truly one of the sweetest animals. I'd hate to see her go through pain. If there is anything I can do, I'll do it.


This sometimes happens. Take her to the vet, and really push the timothy hay. You may also want to buy some alfalfa hay for your older piggy. Try to keep the veggies coming the best you can, but be careful not to give her broccoli, cauliflower, or any other food that might stop her digestion system from letting the poo out.
Welcome to the forum. What a beautiful girl you have. I would get her checked out by the vet. If her poo is a bit softer than normal, it may be something as simple as she has had too much watery veg recently. I would avoid giving her things like cucumber for the while and keep giving her plenty of hay. The vet will confirm what treatment is best.
Hi and welcome!

Sows don't suffer from impaction like boars, but older piggies are more prone to digestive issue; pain can also impact on the digestive system. Their digestion can slow down or have other problems, though, which is what the changing colour and consistency of the poos is suggesting.
Please take her off any veg, make sure that she has plenty of fibre (hay) and see a vet. Your vet may give her a gut stimulant; if not ask whether one might help.
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Weigh her daily at the same time in the feeding cycle to make sure that she is eating enough and if necessary top her up with hand feed.

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Thank you so much for the help guys! I bought the alfalfa hay a few hours ago and gave her some and when I got back home from an appointment she had no more poop stuck in her bum and it seemed to be back to its natural dark brown color and looks to be more firm. I am so happy!


Welcome to the forum, your little one is gorgeous. Seems like something has upset her tummy a little. Those poo's in the 2nd photo look like they are returning to normal. Did she have any new veg at all?
Hi guys, thank for so much for the support. My guinea pig's poop is fine now, however something new has developed. My guinea pig has a really hard time moving her back legs and so she sits in her feces and she becomes REALLY dirty. We try to clean for her as much as possible but we're not home all the time (school/work) so sometimes when we get back it's too late and her belly and bum are covered in poop. =( Now her feet look like they have some sort of infection because they are peeling and there is a brown spot on each one. We decided not to use towels anymore because it might be due to her stepping on the soaked towel and causing the redness, so I went out to buy the regular bedding. I'm thinking that it's due to her age that she can barely move any longer. I mean I've had her since 2008 and she was a year old when I got her, and she's hitting that guinea pig life expectancy mark. If I had the spare money I would take her to a vet right away... But I can't unfortunately.

Any advice on what I can do without spending a whole lot of money? Thanks I highly appreciate it.
I would post this as a new thread if I were you - to make sure it is picked up by our health and illness gurus. Would it be possible for you to get some pictures of her feet ?
She needs to see a vet. Are their no animal charities that can help you? In the uk we have pdsa that can help people with vet costs if they are on certain benifits. She's a lovely girl and 7 is a great age.
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