aubiose bedding

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this bedding just sound great, i have been using shavings and have wanted to change for ages, as i have read lots of mail saying it is no good for piggies and also cause i have at least 5 pigs which keep gettings colds.
i now wonder if they could be reacting to the shavings.

does anybody have any idea of suppliers in the coventry area ?

i have been spending an average of £50 per month at vets because of my piggies getting uri and showing signs of colds, so i am now determined to get a good bedding and a dust free hay.

the hay from pet at home is disgusting, the last lot of bags i got were full of dust and small strands, it just fell through the hay basket. my partner told the cashier to tell his bosses that it was no good for guineapigs.


I got mine from a place called Countrywide but it may be a local firm (Wiltshire). Try doing a search on web for equestrian suppliers in Coventry area?
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