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Back End Paralysis/ Now Something Else?

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Apr 2, 2012
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Last Friday Holly pig (approx 5 yrs) couldn't walk and seemed tender at the back end. While waiting for vet appointment I had a quick search on here and read a few threads looking for clues. At the vets she was X rayed but there was no indication of breaks or injury. We discussed possible treatment while waiting for the specialist to view the x rays and decided to try osteocare, metacam and antibiotic. The next few days she slowly improved moving about, eating and pooping and I was chuffed. My little girl was on the mend. Then late yesterday she crashed again, not moving or eating, obviously miserable and in pain as she was pooping.
After some critical care and painkiller I put her on a heatpad and was happy to see her eating a bit of hay. Back to the vets first thing this morning and she's had more x rays and ultrasound which show nothing out of the ordinary. She also walked ok when placed on the surgery floor (straight under a cabinet of course) and unusually her weight has gone up from 950gm last week to 1100 gm this week. Although she did have small, misshapen, strung- together poop stuck to her bum.
They kept her in and have rang to say she's done a pile of normal poop and is moving and eating.
Has anyone else had anything like this this please?
I'm really sorry she is so poorly. Its not something I have experienced but i wanted to send "get well vibes" to her....
The small misshapen poos indicate that she's not eaten or drunk for a good number of hours while she was obviously not well. Did she just have an episode of being unwell, but not a repeat of the paralysis?

Make sure that in addition to hand feeding you also keep her hydrated; if necessary use dioralyte or see the vet for sub-q fluids.

There are different causes as to paralysis apart from the obvious one like arthritis, an injury to the spine or a crash in calcium. My Ffraid for instance had one that looked rather either like a sciatic issue with her twisting in pain before losing temporarily control of her back legs. She ended up with partial gut stasis and has been suffering with occasional bloating issues since then. My vet suggested that an alternative explanation for her symptoms could have been a small blood clot where the leg arteries go off; this is known to happen in cats. Neither can unfortunately be proved. :(
Thank you for your replies. Throughout the week she was getting back to normal eating, moving pooping and weeing then suppertime yesterday she just went flat. She could move but didn;t want to I gave her fine grind cc and she took about 800ml. That was about 11pm and we were at the vets for 8am. Hopefully she'll be home tomorrow and I'll make sure she has something for hydration.
Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Please know that you did everything you could and she would have known she was loved. Sending you big hugs.

Popcorn free Holly x
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