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Bald Patches

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Jan 14, 2011
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Hi all

So I noticed last week one of my girls had a few bald patches on her, largest on her underside and a smaller ones higher up. My other pig had very similar a couple of years ago, which I sorted by f10 fungal shampoo and disinfectant for the hutch. I went straight to that treatment again this time as it looks so similar, but after 3 medicated baths (one every other day) and spraying the hutch, there doesn't seem to be much change at all. Admittedly the shampoo is a bit out of date but not by much, not sure if they go totally useless after their use by date? She also seems to have what we would call moles on humans, but not sure if she had those under her normally thick fur or whether they've turned up with the hair loss.

Anyway, a couple of photos to see if anyone on here has a better idea before we head off to the vets...

Thank you!



It's very difficult to diagnose over the internet, so great that you are going to the vets. My first thought would be fungal, for which I always recommend Imaverol dips but if the F10 hasn't helped that makes me doubt myself. Different types of fungal react to different treatments though. Other possibilities are mange mites, a reaction to what they are bedded on or what bedding is washed in, hormonal issues or it could even be dietary related.
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