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Bathed My Guineas For The 1st Time Today

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Dec 23, 2013
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I finally plucked up enough courage to bath my guinea pigs. They needed it .

I hated the whole experience - mainly because I knew they hated it . But , I got on with it and mission accomplished.

I wish I could convey to my guinea pigs how pleased I am with their impeccable behaviour. I now know what a " me no likey" vibrate feels like. Sparkle contemplated nipping me once but she was so gentle , I hardly even felt it. Although none of us enjoyed the experience, we've come out unscathed !

The bit I mostly struggled with was trying to get them dry afterwards .

If anyone has any advice on how to dry them quickly, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I prefer to bath in the summer, as they can go in the run to dry off. Anyway, yes, advice! Have you tried using the hair dryer on a very low setting? As long as they have a veg supply whilst doing so.
Well done! Bath time is very stressful but it sounds like you did well.
Well done! The first times are the worse but when you need to do it again you'll be prepared to what they might do.
I use the hairdryer on the low heat :)
I haven't bathed my piggies yet. :) The hairdryer on low heat is a good idea though.
And good job with bathing them!
Agree that it is best to do this in Summer - as I said , I had no choice. They have hay mites and Bess has a mild skin condition which the vet thinks may be owing to the mites.

I tried using a hair dryer - with a modicum of success. I have a pile of towels just for the guinea pigs and I used the lot ! Will be doing laundry for the rest of the afternoon.
While I only bathe when necessary, when I do, I make sure I have lots of warm towels fresh from the dryer for snuggling and I use a small space heater, on low/medium setting aimed at their habitat & stay with them the whole time, taking turns snuggling the girls to reassure them that they're not alone. Once I know they are toasty & bone dry, they know to expect a bowl full of veggies & an apple for good measure! Bath time obviously isn't anyone's favorite time, but I do my best to make it bearable. As you did, BRAVO!
I like the idea of using warm towels .

I gave them some snuggle safe heat pads to ward off any chills.
When I had my first pigs, Puzzle was very very ill. He recovered but never had proper use of his back legs, which meant he dragged himself round the hutch floor through all the muck. So he needed regular bathing to keep his skin in good condition.
They lived in my shed so I was a bit worried about what I would do when the weather got cold. I had not come across Snugglesafes at that time so I had to make something up.
I found a high sided box, and wrapped a hot water bottle in some old towels and Puzzle used to sit in there (with a small snack to keep him going :) ) until he was dry enough to go back outside.
Now this pic may look as though my cat was after Puzzle Pig but she was more peeved that he was getting something to eat, and she wasn't!
Stripey my long haired girl in my piccie had a bath on Saturday morning. Just a bottom bath as i don't like getting her completely wet in the colder months and keep a her hair trimmed yet she still gets smelly from time to time anyho she's really good in the bath but hates the hair dryer so i cuddle her using warm hand towels and then wack the heating on in my house, when she's nearly dry, pretty much damp she went back in her cage and was fine! Thankfully she's won't need another one for a while now... :)
I use a towel to get the worst off and then the hAir dryer. Mine don't seem to mind the hair dryer! Mine always try to climb up the sides of the bath
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