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Behavour Change

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Nov 29, 2014
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we have been to the vets 4 days ago because herbie hadn't been himself the last week or so. He seems uninterested by anything, apart from his food which he still loves. He doesn't want to roam around the living room he just patters back to his cage, to be fair it's big enough that he doesn't need to come out, but he would run all round the living room before.
Anyway... The vet says he is in great health and has given me pain killers for him, for a few days, if he picks up then it means he's in pain and needs further examination, if there's no change then the vet thinks he's depressed and needs some company. I really don't think he is in any pain but I'll try the meds and see...
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UPDATE. Herbie seems to have picked up a bit and has even been out wandering around the living room again of his own accord. Which is great... However I'm not sure what the reason for this is, there could be four factors...
The pain killers the vet has given us for him
The fact that we have been home with him alot more the last few days and hes getting lots of cuddles from my wife.
The house has been warmer, as the heating is on longer
My wife has taken the loft off his house and changed it all round includding the bedding, going back to wood chips... which herbie loves for some reason.

I just dont know what to do, there is every chance I am over thinking this, we just want him to be happy and well. The vets will need to sedate him to do the examinations which is a worry but i dont know what to do... We were going to get him a side by side companion but if he is going to be sedated it may be a chance to get him neutered and get him some lady piggies...

Advice greatly appreciated.
Aww poor Herbie hope he's feeling better soon.
Hoping Herbie gets better soon. Do get him "seen to" so that you can get him a lady friend. That will really make him happy.
Has he been tested for low-grade infections? One of my pigs gets very mopey and reluctant to do anything when she has a UTI. She has no other obvious symptoms other than lack of interest in things and reluctance to move around or do much.
Yea he's been to the vets and they say he is in great health, the pain killers were to chrck for joint or tooth pain (for example). Its not a bad suggestion tho.
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