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Anniversary Herd

Anniversary Herd
Jan 25, 2016
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Back Story

Benny arrived in the rescue 15/3/14 aged 2 years. He had been living alone in a hamster cage in a garage. He had sore eyes and was running with lice. Once healthy he was paired with 5 week old Timmy and put up for adoption in April 2014


Despite some interest they were not chosen and unfortunately after 6months they had a massive fall out. Benny was adopted to be paired with Sandy in January 2015 but unfortunately this didn't work out either, Benny ended up being bitten..

The decision was made to neuter Benny in March 2015. Unfortunately he developed a lot of swelling post operatively and went on to get abscesses on both sides. They were initially treated with antibiotics. Benny had been reserved prior to surgery but due to his problems we had to keep him at the rescue.

On 6/4/2015 Benny suddenly became very unwell. He was rushed to the vet. He was limp and dehydrated, he had blood in hs urine. It was thought that an abscess had burst internally. He was given subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, strong painkillers and gut stimulant. After a few days he started to improve and made a full recovery

Benny with Cubby, Marnie and Kiki, his girls, they were bonded on 26/4/15. We decided that Benny really didn't want to leave us!
Sadly Cubby died in December 2015


On 13/5/2016 Benny (the pig with 9 lives) became unwell again with bloat type symptoms, he responded to pain relief and gut stimulants but then developed urinary symptoms. Ultra sound scan and X ray were normal, he was treated for a suspected urine infection. He recovered well after treatment.

On 4/9/16 Benny seemed unwell again, on examining him he was found to have a swollen toe on his right foot. The vet felt that it was a tourniquet type injury, hair had wrapped around the toe.
Unfortunately the toe had died so we treated him with painkillers and antibiotics. He has now fully recovered.

Benny's story illustrates the costs of piggies kept as sanctuary pigs, he alone has cost the rescue hundreds of pounds. But isn't he worth it! He is a grumpy boy who secretly loves a head rub. He pop corns despite having a toe missing. He loves his girls and loves snoozing in the sunshine on the grass. What a survivor he is!

Thanks for reading my story - Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity

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Jan 29, 2009
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Happy Friday.... although I don't know what's good about it. First she decides to clean us out and turfs us out of bed, then she only gives us hay to eat, what's happened to the grass? I don't know, you just can't get the slaves these days.
Plus, these new girls have arrived, FOUR of them, I mean talk about drive a boy wild, she is keeping them in quarantine though, so can't even have a good sniff. Oh well, I expect I will cope, anyway, where's our dinner? I'm starving!