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Bereaved Sows

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Teenage Guinea Pig
May 5, 2010
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Having recently lost both the boar and head sow from our quartet, the two remaining sows are depressed. We have reserved a boar in a rescue pending a date but we also have the option of trying to bond the girls with either our single sow or neutered boar and his wifepig. We have tried giving the girls run time with the sow and the pair. The elder grieving sow displayed normal dominance behaviour to the single sow but the younger sow wouldn't go near her. The younger sow gets on well with the pair but the elder girl squared up to the boar and complained the whole time he was near her. I can only describe her complaining as identical to the young wifepig of our trio who gets really upset by being constantly mounted when she is in season - sometimes for a whole day. The wifepig in the pair tried to lick the elder sows eye which got her really upset. Neither trial escalated into chattering of teeth or violence. Also the younger sow is displaying quite dominant behaviour which is highly unusual for her - she appears to be in season which is causing a ruckus with the elder girl every time she attempts to mount her. The elder sow tolerated the recently departed boar but she hasn't really taken to any boar since she lost her first husboar. Will the girls be ok just having run time with our other pigs until we can find a pig they both agree on?
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