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Best Warm Guinea Pig Bedding For Outdoor Piggies

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Maisy and Poppy

Adult Guinea Pig
Dec 8, 2014
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Surrey, UK
Hiya, my piggies live outside so I was wondering what bedding would be best. I am looking for a cheap bedding to use as
a base under soft straw and hay. A warm bedding would be good that does not freeze when wet on cold nights! Many thanks!
Hi, I find Aubiose hemp bedding is good, not sure about warmth but its soft and very absorbent. Although about £12 for 20kg it lasts longer and is better for the piggies than shavings. Its usually best to try and fit piggies into a shed or garage (not used for cars) during the winter so they are out of the wet and wind. If not, removing wet bedding as often as possible helps and a hutch cover can be good if you can find one to fit. Pets at Home do ones which fit their own hutches. Hope this helps!
Thanks Hannah Boyd. I will try to find some Aubiose. I was recommended by someone who looks after my piggies for me but I wanted a second opinion. Where do you buy it from? Many thanks!
The piggie as my avatar is Poppy my golden agouti! Also known as Flappy Eared Fumbo (Her show name!) My other piggie is Maisy the american crested, and her other name is brown eyed honey(Her show name!
Thanks Chief Guinea pig. Secretly Poppy is my favourite. Shes adorable and very hard not to love! She Is very fiesty like Maisy moo and I love Maisy for being so cute all the time! How many piggies do you have and what are thier names?
I get it from a local store called A and I (agriculture and ironman?), you can order online too and its fairly cheap even with delivery. its definitely worth it because its so absorbent! feels comfier for the piggies too. Lovely piggies, we have one called Poppy who looks like your Poppy!
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