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Beware Quiko Fitness Foodball

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Oct 23, 2014
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Hi all,
I bought one of these from P@H today. The piggies loved the hay stuffed inside it but unfortunately one of them got her head stuck inside it, she was shrieking and trying to run backwards while shaking her head to try and remove it. Luckily I was right there, caught her and tried to pull it off, then calmed her down. It was quite frightening but hopefully she is not injured as she appears ok. I have emailed them to report it and will phone tomorrow. But these are dangerous,beware.
Please pass this on as appropriate as it is frightening to think what could have happened. The piggies are not tiny, they are now 5 months old , 750g and 800g. It was the larger one who got stuck. I have posted review on p@h site and emailed customer service to ask they withdraw this item, will also phone the branch tomorrow. Don't know if I can do anything else?
I think you have done all you can . I doubt you will get much response from P@H but at least you've alerted members of this forum.
Thank goodness you were there. I think you may not be the first this has happened to on here.
I will post a warning on the Facebook pages as well. The bizarre thing is, I actually went to buy a folding hay rack to put in their pen when they were having floor time, but didn't as I thought they could get trapped if they knocked it over when they were galloping about (it closes freely)... Thought this was safer!
Anyway,a safe and Merry Christmas to all and their piggies! X
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