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Bladder Infection

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Nov 23, 2014
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I have a sweet female One year and a half years old that has a pretty bad bladder infection she has blood in her urine and a temperature of 104 I took her to the vet and they gave me antibiotics to get her Oralee and I'm wondering the best way to give her oral medication and the best things to do to make her comfortable she hasn't eaten or drinking any water and three days
Hi! Which country are you in?

Please hand feed her and give her water asap; it is absolutely vital to keep her alive! Especially with a UTI (uringary tract infection), you need to keep a piggy watered. Syringe her has much as water as she will drink in one go; a mouthful is about half a 1ml syringe, don't give more in one go, so it doesn't go down the wrong way and she chokes.
Also hand feed her to prevent the guts from closing down, which they start doing after 24 hours of no feed. Your girl will hopefully feel a lot better once she has got some water and food in her and the medication is kicking in. Is the antibiotic baytril? it can further dampen the appetite. Please give her a probiotic about 1-2 hours after the antibiotic. Has your vet given you additionally some painkiller/anti-inflammatory to make feel more comfy and likely to drink and eat?

Here is our illustrated step-by-step guide how to get food and meds into a guinea pig with links on how to source stuff.

If you struggle too badly to get things in the way we recommend in our hand feeding guide, here are further tips:
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