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Bladder stone surgery cost

Hi again folks!
Thanks so much. BossHogg sent me a message so have passed over our vet details.
Pipsqueak is now home, recovering really well. The vet was just fantastic honestly, she took four x-rays and only charged us for one, the original estimate of £1112 came down to £565! (This was including the weeks worth of Baytril and Metacam, £79, Pip had been on for the past week prior to surgery today). She had to get sedated for the x-ray, received Ketamine, Metacam, Baytril and the vet found there was actually no stones but it was a long process of flushing all the sludge and gunk out of the bladder with some bits really ‘chunky’ and ‘gritty’, she said there really was a lot in there. She said if we feel we need to go ahead and give her the Metacam twice a day, she’s eating, drinking and although a bit wobbly and spaced out after the ket, all good! The vet took me through the back to look at the x-rays, was really cool if you’re interested in that sort of thing, her paws looked enormous in the x-ray lol!
I cannot believe how well it all went, she was so well looked after as were we, we managed to get a payment plan in place and the receptionist was great too. They even said post-op exam will be free of charge.
Thanks so much everybody, the vet did warn that this can be recurring, any thoughts on how to prevent this? We only offer a small amount of pellets (Burgess), timothy hay from Haybox Club, and only very occasionally kale and spinach (I think the kale was the issue and the vet agreed, she seemed to have been fed it a lot at the rescue and before we got her).
Thanks again folks, here is the happy (off her paws on ket!) patient.


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Sending best wishes for her recovery.

Diet is a main factor.
Plenty of hay, plenty of fluid to keep the bladder flushing through. Veggies can help this if she isn’t a big drinker , cucumber etc.
Filtering drinking water would also be recommended.
Make sure, as I’m sure you are, to keep strictly to one tablespoon of pellets (or less even - I only feed less than a tablespoon and only feed pellets 2-3 times a week. I feed more veg than the recommended one cup and I feed lots of grass).
I'm so glad the vets have done such a good job for you. :)
I hope her recovery goes well, and remember that in terms of reoccurrence, sometimes with all the diet adjustments in the world some piggies are just genetically predisposed to them. Don't beat yourself up if they still come back despite your best efforts. Xx
Hi Bill&Ted, I tried to send Bosshogg a message but it won’t allow me. They are free to message me and I can forward on the details or if there is someone else I can send details to? Would be great to have this vet added to the list in Scotland
Ok I see that’s been done. That’s great news that everything has gone so well x
Thanks everybody!
Piggies and Buns, thankyou, I took your advice on an earlier post and have cut back considerably on pellets (the girls are not loving me for this!). I’ll be honest I think we do tend to feed a bit more veg than the recommended amount (I cannot ignore the screams for food lol, but it is always things like celery, pepper, romaine if they are having extra). I think the problem really stemmed from the amount of kale Pip was getting at the SSPCA/previous owner. She also arrived to us in a very small cage which makes me wonder if she wasn’t all that active which I know can make sludge worse.
Up here in Scotland we tend to have very very soft water, our tap water is brilliant, we don’t even get limescale up here it’s great! Wonder if any other piggie owners living here have found a difference in filtering the water? Personally I have never ever had to in all the years I’ve owned pigs, I have never had any experience with bladder stones though. I am wondering if this time it has been mostly her diet prior to her arriving in our care (especially if she had high calcium pellets and was being fed a lot of kale, which is what the vet seemed to think too).
Thanks kindly everybody, Pipsqueak is up and about drinking, eating her hay and veg, her sister Picnic is being a pest though won’t leave her alone to get peace, she’s super sleepy lol, Picnic must have missed her this morning.
If you have a piggy with bladder issues it's advised to filter water even if you live in a soft water area. There are other minerals in the water than can contribute towards bladder issues as well as calcium.

Sending your piggy healing vibes.
Thanks everybody, I think we will go ahead and buy a water filter, can’t do any harm I suppose! Do you think a branded one such as Brita is best or would an off brand Amazon or supermarket own be okay? Sorry this is obviously just something I have never looked into or purchased because we are in Scotland, really not a clue!?
Also, I’m really scared Pipsqueak has taken a bit of a downturn this evening. As I mentioned this afternoon, after the procedure all was fine. She slept most of this afternoon. Sat her in my lap this evening and could feel her trembling (this kept happening when she was trying to do the toilet before) and the smell is still quite strong from her poo. Her poo also looked a bit watery? Not diarrhoea like or runny, more just like, wet/shiny? She is still eating her hay, had a few pellets and some romaine and coriander. She is so, so tired but I’m just a bit worried, she seems off. Is this normal after this type of procedure and medicine? She was sort of hunched, sat still in an awkward place in the cage she doesn’t normally sit in, seemed quite skittish too which really isn’t like her? I’ve given her her metacam and her Baytril too (she normally responds really well to these). Should we syringe feed water? Don’t want to go onto critical care just yet as she definitely is eating her veg and hay. What behaviour would I expect to see after this procedure? Is it just a come down from the ketamine and stress of the day? Would we still see her straining a little to do the toilet given that she may be uncomfortable after the catheter?
Tips For Post-operative Care

Linked thread above in case you haven't seen it.

I am not a Health Expert but everyone is probably in bed now!
In my experience they do 'go off' as you are seeing when the anaesthetic and strong painkillers from surgery wear off. The next day is often the worst. She is bound to be uncomfortable poor thing. Hopefully if there is any UTI she is on the right ABs to fight it. If you are worried speak to the vet.
I hope you can manage to get some sleep tonight it's always worrying when they have surgery.

I think most people here use Britta filters and jugs. I used to use those or Wilko but have now gone over to a Phlox subscription.
Aw thank you so much, yeah we are both still awake just now watching over her to be honest but she’s not doing a whole lot so think it is time we got to bed too! Thanks for your lovely, kind words, hopefully like you say after all those strong drugs are leaving her system it’s just making her uncomfortable. I might give her another dose of Metacam in the morning, the vet said double dose her if we feel she needs it (so twice a day instead of once).
Thankyou I’ll have a look at that link and maybe a subscription service for filters. Hopefully she just needs a bit of rest, one of the other girls Picnic keeps grooming her and licking her it’s so sweet.
Hello. I put a warm snugglesafe in with my piggy after his bladder op. I hope you manage to get some sleep and Pipsqueak is feeling better in the morning.

Also the vet nurse told me when sending him home he should be walking around by the following afternoon. If you are worried about her recovery get in touch with the vets and see what they advise. Good luck.
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Hi everybody, me once again I’m so sorry to be a pest.
It has now been a few days since the procedure and Pipsqueak definitely seems a little brighter and happier, she wheeks for food now which she never used to and is quite hungry and seems to be enjoying her snacks and her cagemates company. However, she spent the whole weekend extremely exhausted, she slept on a blanket on my lap for around 2-3 hours, eyes completely shut exhausted. Her poos were a funny shape (possibly just due to Baytril) and she wasn’t peeing that much, just little dribbles, the smell is strong but now it just smells like ordinary strong urine rather than that awful, really disgusting smell from before.
She is sitting with me just now having some pepper and she went to go to the toilet, she did it again, jumped up, screeched in pain, and seemed to really struggle to pass urine/poo. Is this normal straight after this procedure? Is it just pain from having the catheter etc, surely there is no way the sludge has returned after it has all been cleared days ago along with the chunkier bits (the vet said they were not stones actually but just really hard gritty bits of sludge). Post op exam is on Wednesday, we are continuing with Metacam and Baytril right now. She passed a little amount of blood yesterday too, it looked old though as it was more brownish red than fresh bright red.
Hi all, would someone be able to let me know which vet @BossHogg used for this surgery please? I think I may need to contact them! Or if @Teema could let me know that would be great!
It was
MBM Veterinary Group Kilmarnock
21 Hill Street Kilmarnock, KA31HF