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Blocking Advances

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Adult Guinea Pig
Sep 11, 2014
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No idea how but, whenever I am chatting my bf on skype and he starts being romantic, archie will immediately rumblestrut across the room to me, very loudly and making a smell, so of course he has to have his cheek nibbled and kissed, and usually I will follow him back to his love cave (nickname of a bunch of blankets I made into a cave for him to sleep in) where he flops out like a prince looking smug and I stroke his back a little. This will usually ruin/delay the mood somewhat.
Archie cant read a screen obviously, yet literally the second any advance is made, archie is straight into blocking it.
Here is the cheeky bugger having a cuddle on my lap, he had his legs completely out before but sadly moved them before the pic was taken. P1040960sm.jpg
Oh I love it! he clearly believes he should be the only man in your life lol
:lol: I think hes thinking that too, such a naughty creature. He acts like he owns my room.
Maybe he is picking up on the natural scent humans put out when they get aroused pheromones or whatever they are called! He knows someone is getting his owner excited and wont allow this intrusion lol what a cutie he sounds like a spoiled and very loved little pig
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