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Blood In Alby's Urine ;(

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Julie M

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Jun 9, 2014
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:no:Alby has got blood in his Urine, it was like little specks of blood. I checked his privates today before the vets and he had a sperm rod :vom:. It stank. (I removed it) He's peeing more and it is very smelly. The vet gave him injections of Metacam and Marbocyl. (He squealed LOUDLY. ) She says It will last 3 days and if there isn't any improvement or a decline I have to bring him back amd they will either give him more antibiotics or an x ray to look for bladder stones. He was examined thoroughly and she felt his bladder and couldn't feel any stones checked his privates too incase of any injuries.
When I got him home and in his cage he peed and it was a light pinky peach colour. I hope my wee Alby bee. Is ok. Also she thinks he's definately older than 3yrs maybe nearer 5.
He seems to be ok in himself though. Still eating and drinking, not lost weight. She weighed him too. Lol and he promptly ran along the scales. Ha ha.
I hope that you boy is making a quick recovery!

Give him some mildly diuretic veg like cucumber, lettuce or grass (not too much to cause soft poos) to help flush out the bladder and the infection.
Ahh ok thanks I will pick up some cucumber when I am out. I've given them some celery just now. Just hope it's a mild infection that's treatable. I know I've only had these boys a short time but I am so loved up about them. Even if they are cheeky boys. Lol.
Poor Alby! I hope he makes a quick recovery! It's great that he is still eating and drinking and behaving normally... Sundae is a trooper in dealing with UTIs and has always bounced back very well as she never stops eating and drinking because of them. I hope Alby is back to normal in no time!
Thanks all. I think he's a bit better today. As he's discovered there is a gap in the slidebinders and decided to eat the corex. :doh: Still little spots of blood but looks a lot less than yesterday. :tu:
Lots of love being sent Alby's way x
Well today the white towel is in the cage. So I can monitor the bleeding better. And well someone has decided not to pee on the nice white towel and is in his hay tray peeing. :doh: I give up. However on the plus side I can't see any blood on the towel so far :tu: He is sitting a bit fluffed up however. But so is fudge so maybe just cold.
Your little one sounds like he's doing much better already. The smell is very indicative of infection, my girl Peb's had a really nasty UTI and smelled fowl. Hopefully the antibiotic's will clear it up quickly, good sign that there isn't any visible blood anymore. I would definitely get him an Xray if the blood doesn't clear completely.
Yes it did stink and definitely getting an x ray if he didn't improve.
Well Alby is looking a lot more perky. He was even squeaking again for his night night hay (Fresh hay at bedtime) however I am going to phone the vet in the morning for advice as he is still peeing lots (stinky) and there was a teeny tiny
spot of blood in the cage tonight on the towel. I am not sure if he's needing more anti biotics to clear it totally. I know I have upped his amd fudges watery veg so this May account for the peeing however I am concerned about the blood not being totally gone. And I am away to hotel on Friday for a treat and off to visit family in Oban on sun to Thursday. (Mother in law is piggy sitting)
Alby had another 2 injections today. He was not impressed one little bit :box: However he's looking much better. And only a tiny spot of blood now. :clap:
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