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Blood in wee, squeaking and i just want it sorted 😭😭


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Jun 17, 2020
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Hello I’m looking for some advice and I’m really sorry to post about this again but I’m feeling quite stressed about it. I’ve been back and forth a lot with the vets as my lady piggie is squeaking when weeing, has had very soft poops and sometimes weeing a very teeny amount of blood.

She has been put on medications (loxicom and gabapetin) and the vet said it looks to be a UTI however she’s been on them since the 14th, yet today, she squeaked and bled a bit more after weeing.

Other then that, she’s healthy, eating and drinking a lot and running around. It’s just when she pees she seems to be uncomfortable.

I don’t know what to do, any advice on this or if anyone has experienced this please could you let me know. I get so worried and I just want it to be resolved🙏 I’m not sure whether to just keep her going on the medicine for now or to book another appointment.

I go to the exotic vet in Northamptonshire who are really good, but I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall now. My other option is to have a scan, but it’s going to be very expensive which I know is silly, but it’s still a worry for me especially since they could do it and find nothing.


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You might need to get an xray or scan, because it seems like you have exhausted all other options.
I'm not very familiar with these kinds of issues and I'm sure someone with more experience will come along and give you advice, but from what it sounds like to me, the only thing left to do is have the xray so they can see inside.

Wishing her better soon! Good luck!
Hi, a UTI would require antibiotics, but the 2 medicines you mention are anti-inflammatory pain relief, they will not cure an infection.
Xrays and scans to look for stones or sludge in the bladder are really the next step, and are perhaps not as expensive as you think, and can often be done without anaesthesis.
But do please clarify with the vet what they are treating for currently and what the medicines you've been prescribed are expected to do.
My vets (Goddard Ilford in East London) did an x-ray on Toffee for £56! It’s definitely worth shopping around because if it is stones/sludge then it’ll need to be dealt with but hopefully it’s just a UTI that needs a dose of antibiotics to clear it up.

When on antibiotics try and supplement their gut with probiotics such as fibreplex or protexin pro-fibre pellets. Both can be bought on VioVet without a prescription. I learnt this the hard way when Toffee was given antibiotics by an inexperienced vet and he started losing weight as his gut biome was thrown off kilter and needed correcting later down the line!