1. elijerr

    Can't find the cause of blood in guinea pig cage.

    I started noticing what appeared to be bloody urine two days ago (I'm getting them into the vet within the next day or so). I put down a pee pad and waited for both pigs to pee but both of them had completely normal urine. I checked them both over for injuries multiple times and I checked their...
  2. Helloo

    Bleeding from bottom. Help asap!

    So my I noticed small amount of blood coming at my guinea pigs bottom. There were only few drops and she doesn't bleed anymore. She's acting normal and doesn't show any signs of pain and she's peeing normally and I also checked if she had any tumors or cysts but I couldn't find anything. So it...
  3. S

    +7 Month Old Male Pig Peeing Blood!

    I have a boar and he’s started peeing blood as recently as two days ago! I’m worrying for him, especially because my parents don’t see it as too big an issue/ won’t take him to a vet. I don’t know his chances of being fine without medical consultation and I can’t convince them to schedule an...
  4. B

    Blood in poop?

    Hi everyone, I have a 1 and a half year old guinea pig named Bubbles and this morning I noticed he had a small amount of what seemed to be blood in his poop? It was quite a big poop so it could of just be where he had strained and it was a small amount but should I be concerned? He has had no...
  5. M

    Sow bleeding from bottom after 2 weeks of antibiotic and anti inflammatory treatment

    Hi, My piggy June is about a year and a half old. Two weeks ago I found blood in the pen and on her bottom to we took her to the vets where she was checked and had an x ray. There was glucose in her wee and blood and the x-ray showed no sign of kidney or bladder stones. So she began treatment...
  6. L

    Blood in pee?

    Hey everyone! My boys Lenny and Rupert a nearly 9 weeks old now, both seem absolutely fine - popcorning and eating 24/7. The night before last I noticed some dark pee on one of their new white beds (so showed up very obviously) it was almost a rusty/red colour so I immediately worried it had...
  7. Charlottibiscot

    Bald dry spot below ear

    This is Mabel, she is 4 months old and lives with her sister, Hoggy. Today I noticed this bald spot below her ear with a spot of dried blood. It's a very rough texture and has a silvery sheen as opposed to the rest of her pinkish skin. I haven't seen her itching, and when I press and touch...
  8. G

    Bleeding bottom

    Hi, I am a bit of a loss. My guinea pig has been passing blood on and off for roughly a month now. I have been to the vets a couple of times and now they are at a loss of what to suggest. She was treated with antibiotics for 10 days for a UTI, then when this didn't work they gave her another 2...
  9. E

    Guinea pig with frequent dried blood around nostril

    Hi everyone, My piggy Rosie has been through a lot with the vet, just this summer (2020) shes been through three rounds of meds and one X-ray. We initially took her in for blood coming out with her stool, and the vet’s recommendations never did stop it... anyways, she’s always been a bit sneezy...
  10. G

    Specialist Colitis and kidney failure after fly strike

    Hi, I posted before about needing a new friend for our younger boar, Buzz, and that George had rejected Buzz after an operation for flystrike. So, almost as soon as George finished his baytril he started to eat less and then got very watery diarrhoea. We booked him in for an emergency...
  11. Soggyeggroll

    Adopted a guinea pig yesterday with gnarly nails! Help please

    Hi everyone, so I adopted this boy yesterday and noticed his nails were really long. Today he was comfortable enough for me to actually exam them... I'm beyond shocked. Not only are they long with quicks the length their nails should be but one on the front seems to be blown up, the two next to...
  12. V

    Guinea pig skin irritation?!

    Hi there, one of my guinea pigs developed this around her eye, and now she’s also opened it up so it’s been bleeding a bit. An appointment to the vet has already been made and we will be seeing one tomorrow, however I was just worried and wanted to see if anyone encountered this before... thank...
  13. Wt.pigs

    Blood in guinea pig pee

    I put my guinea pig on a blanket and she peed and it looks like there’s a bit of blood on it? Does anyone know what this can be?
  14. meatloaf

    Emergency Blood in poop, help needed

    Hi there, I just joined this forum to see if I could get any opinions on what is wrong with Meatloaf. She's about 5 1/2 years old and last week we noticed blood in her cage. Originally we thought it was a UTI because it seemed like it was in her pee, but the next day it looked like it was coming...
  15. W

    Urinary track infection? Ovarian cyst?

    Hello everyone, My guinea pig Nymeria is peeing blood. I only found out today, to my knowledge yesterday this wasn't happening. I immediately took her to an exotics vet and they took an x-ray and a pee sample. There were no bladder stones so the vet said it's possible it's either a urinary...
  16. Kirbs

    Guinea pig suddenly attacking the other.

    We bought two male 8 month old pigs around two months ago as they were adoption ones in Pets At Home. Up until now they’ve been fine; cuddling and playing. Yesterday morning we woke up to find one (Blueberry) hiding in the hay rack away from the other (Mr Muffin). I took him out to find out his...
  17. doodlecountry

    Bleeding Feet Pads

    I saw streaks of blood in the cage (c&c with fleece) and noticed that Layla’s heels seem to have been chafing against the fleece possibly? Her foot itself looks like it had been bleeding a bit but not much at all. What can I do to help disinfect and heal the skin on her feet?
  18. Laura M.


    I saw two drops of blood under my guinea pigs' cave, then I saw a small spatter of blood on the side of Neville's face, near his eye. I checked all of their eyes, tummies, feet and teeth, but all was well. What do I do? It'll cost £75 to take them all to the vet to get checked out. Help?!
  19. G

    My Guinea Pig’s Paw is Bleeding!

    Hi! I’m the owner of two guinea pigs. Patches (the older one) and Carmal (the younger one). So I came in to there cage to feed them their veggies. I then noticed Patches paw was red. At first, I thought it was just his coloring. So I fed Carmal his veggies. I also noticed that Patches didn’t eat...
  20. HeatherW

    Red stuff around eye

    Does anyone know what this could be? It only appears on Jasmine's right eye. I took her and Pickle to the vet yesterday about excessive scratching caused by mites (which are now gone, thankfully) and now this has appeared out of nowhere. Her eye is otherwise normal (if a little bit red in the...