1. W

    Urinary track infection? Ovarian cyst?

    Hello everyone, My guinea pig Nymeria is peeing blood. I only found out today, to my knowledge yesterday this wasn't happening. I immediately took her to an exotics vet and they took an x-ray and a pee sample. There were no bladder stones so the vet said it's possible it's either a urinary...
  2. Kirbs

    Guinea pig suddenly attacking the other.

    We bought two male 8 month old pigs around two months ago as they were adoption ones in Pets At Home. Up until now they’ve been fine; cuddling and playing. Yesterday morning we woke up to find one (Blueberry) hiding in the hay rack away from the other (Mr Muffin). I took him out to find out his...
  3. doodlecountry

    Bleeding Feet Pads

    I saw streaks of blood in the cage (c&c with fleece) and noticed that Layla’s heels seem to have been chafing against the fleece possibly? Her foot itself looks like it had been bleeding a bit but not much at all. What can I do to help disinfect and heal the skin on her feet?
  4. futurefame


    I saw two drops of blood under my guinea pigs' cave, then I saw a small spatter of blood on the side of Neville's face, near his eye. I checked all of their eyes, tummies, feet and teeth, but all was well. What do I do? It'll cost £75 to take them all to the vet to get checked out. Help?!
  5. G

    My Guinea Pig’s Paw is Bleeding!

    Hi! I’m the owner of two guinea pigs. Patches (the older one) and Carmal (the younger one). So I came in to there cage to feed them their veggies. I then noticed Patches paw was red. At first, I thought it was just his coloring. So I fed Carmal his veggies. I also noticed that Patches didn’t eat...
  6. HeatherW

    Red stuff around eye

    Does anyone know what this could be? It only appears on Jasmine's right eye. I took her and Pickle to the vet yesterday about excessive scratching caused by mites (which are now gone, thankfully) and now this has appeared out of nowhere. Her eye is otherwise normal (if a little bit red in the...
  7. Joannajars

    Blood in pee

    My 1 and a half year old Seymour has been crying while peeing for a few weeks now, and now I noticed today that he is also peeing blood, he doesn’t wee very much or drink very much lately but he is still his usual self. I hope no one thinks it’s cruel that I haven’t yet taken him to the vets but...
  8. AdamFrench

    Persistent blood in urine, no stones and no pain

    Hi, We’ve got two girls 3 and 4 year old - the 4 year old has been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis almost a year ago. She is on continuous pain/inflammatory meds (metacam and tramadol) alongside nutracyst. This seemed to do the trick as her weight is consistent and she’s just a bubbly and...
  9. E

    Guniea pig has bloody nose!

    My guniea pig Totoro had a bloody nose! She would sneeze sometimes but, tonight I was laying in bed to her constant sneezing. I walk over to the cage to see a lot of blood coming out her nose. I quickly took her out of her cage and wiped off as much as i possibly could and I checked on her about...
  10. S

    Female with bloody genital area

    I have a 2 year old female guinea pig who, upon picking up and inspecting, seems to have blood on her private parts. She’s been eating, drinking, and acting normally and doesn’t appear to be in pain, even when I moved her fur to take the pictures. Does anyone know what this could be from or how...
  11. S

    Help with pregnant guineapig

    Hi all i have a pregnant guineapig named mrs pig that i got about 9 weeks ago from a breeder i was told she may be pregnant and I'm 100% sure she is as she just got bigger and bigger and now i can see the babies moving around i have had a guineapig have babies when i was a child and everything...
  12. GeorgiaHarris

    Something large stuck in his bum

    I noticed that there was a pink patch on my piggies fleece and assumed it was my 4/5 year old boar as it was in his spot where he sleeps all the time. I googled and found that it could be blood in his urine or that his urine had just oxidated, I saw post saying I should put him on a white towel...
  13. L


    So, this is my second post today as it seems my fur babies are determined to pute through the ringer. But I recently acquired a couple of females who, until now, have seemed very healthy. Even so, they've been in quarantine for the past couple of weeks before being introduced to the others...
  14. TheLottiediarys

    Is this blood?

    Came home and checked the pigs, found a patch of red in the groups cage, I've checked them all over and no one has any obvious bite wounds so I don't think they've fought, If it is blood either Bears scabby foot has come open or someones pooing or weeing blood :/ I just want to check that this...
  15. AdamFrench

    Blood From Bum And Weight Loss

    Hi, I'm wondering if you could help.. Our guinea pig Belle had lost a little weight over a few weeks (50g) then stopped losing it, never gained it back but hadn't dropped any lower. Usual behaviour, very vocal and eats LOTS! We woke up this morning with blood on her fleece where she had...
  16. yayoiharuko

    I'm A Terrible Mom!

    I made my baby bleeed. Ahhhhhh >. < What do I do :c I was clipping his nails. Since they are black I can't see the quick.
  17. Jesse's pigs

    Help- Freaking Out!

    Just returned home to find both piggies fine but the poos (I suspect coming from Mo though most of them are like it so could also be Steve) almost purple? They haven't had beetroot but did have a mixed salad the smorning of red lettuce and normal lettuce leaves- it's not red? And there's a...
  18. Zelsi

    Bonded Boars - Sudden Fight? Please Help!

    I have two boars Monty (2.5yrs) and Simba (1yr) who I bonded last month. Thread here: Bonding Two Boars - Advice Needed! Since the bonding they did get a lot better, ate together, slept together etc. with Monty being the dominant one. Over the past week there was more chattering and nosing...
  19. MilliePigs

    Blood In Urine

    Hello everyone, I have read the forums here a lot but never made an account, until today. I have two pairs of boars, both very lovely, and today was bath day, much to their demise. Anyway, when I was bathing the second pair, Bumble was waiting in the empty bath patiently while I was cleaning...
  20. C

    Cut On Young Guinea Pig, Vet Worthy?

    i have three guinea pigs, two of which were just introduced about a week ago. they are getting alone fine and playing well but one morning i noticed a cut on one's face. it almost looks white powdery around it and is scabbing a lot. i've been gently cleaning it and it doesn't seem to be...