Boar pigs fighting or playing?


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Dec 12, 2020
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My two boar pigs are 6-month old now. Recently, the submissive pig has started mounting the dominant pig and sniffing his butt; then, they would start chasing. This behaviour occurs a couple times a day; it hasn't drawn any blood nor caused any injuries so far. However, I am a little bit concerned because I heard teeth chattering sound and I am worried that the chase will become more violent at some point

A bit more about their background:
  • After the chase (usually lasts 1 min per round), they would lie down very close to each other and take a break in a relaxed posture...
  • They have been a pair of very good buddies and they enjoy snuggling together on my lap; their eyes would be like half closed (or fully closed sometimes). Whenever I take the submissive pig alone for lap time, the dominant pig would jump out of the cage, squeak and find his friend. That's why they usually have lap time together.
  • They have plenty of living space. Because of the lockdown, I am with my pigs in the same room almost 24/7. Their cage door is open as long as I am around, and they have the entire room to play and run around most of the time and they do enjoy doing so.


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Aug 2, 2018
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At that age, they are right at the high point of teenage hormones. If you aren’t seeing warning signs and they aren’t fighting then leave them to sort things out between them. Obviously keep an eye on them in case things turn.

You need to respect their hierarchy which means always handling and doing everything for the dominant piggy first. If you deal with the submissive first, then it can cause upset in their relationship.

Do read the guides below as they will help you decipher what you are seeing and allow you to see if things are going too far

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