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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
Although I refer to my guineas as my boys they are really girls! I just wondered what the good/ bad things really were about having boars. I know some of you only have boars - why did you choose boys rather than girls?
I have all boars and i like them as they are so mischevious.

I have never had a sow before though but i would like to.

I'm just addicted to boars lol

I got both, ok still to post?

Good things for me about my boys;

they seem more laid back but are nosey at the same time
are much quieter.. seem more lovable
just so different

Bad things;

my boys have always been worse off health wise..
bum and will checks have to be regular as they are always getting hay in them!
no odd numbers when putting them together
putting them together takes loads of time
boys can get aggressive - not mine and it can happen with girls

My girls seem to be so very noisy, always talking! (not that it bothers me!), hardly ever want cuddles, will rather sit still then run around!

But saying that they've all got their own personalities, so are very different individually

I love them all to death no matter how much of a pain they all are! LOL
Never had a sow but i love my boys,

Guilbert: was my first boy dont really remember much but i know he was lovely to cuddle
Rudi:was so friendly would follow me like a dog i swear he thought he was a human or a rabbit mimiced them all the time
Zubin: is funny he popcorns at random times and loves being talked too but he is shy and irritating when he wont BOND!
Griffy: he was the sweetest little man ive had so cute he would wheek ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the time
Harry: harry is my new boy and although biting me in his first HOUR! hes lovely very cuddly and sweet

the downside ot having Boars is purly the bonding side i had incidents with Rudi-Zubi they would scrap at time, Griff and Zubi where nearly there when poor griffy left, and oh the problems i see happening with Harry hes chattering and so is Zub its a bit of a nightmare! and of course the hay and sawdust in the bums Zubin had some the other day but i had no aloe so i dabbed a ickle bit of Sudacreme on hope that was ok but he seems fine now oh and Guilbert lived (bare in mind i was 6/7 it was the 90s and this was all the rage) lived with a rabbit so i never saw him fight hehe

Would love sows some time maybe when i live alone i could have a room devoted to them i just never got them probably because my mum picked Guilbert, and there where no girls left when i went to get Rudi so i just got a boy hehe i love them to peices even Harry who ive not had a day yet lol x
;D ;D ;D
Never had sows, but I can compare hamsters and budgies!

My boy hammies were more loving, had friendlier personalities, and were tamer.
Same for the budgies.
hehe i agree though men like you more because they relie on you for food like in the real world lol but other female animals are more moody hehe x
I have 5 boars and I have never owned a sow however, I would like to! :)

I choose boars because they are so cheeky and they have so much personality! They are such characters and very affectionate.
having 20 boys and 17 girls I can quite easily say boys are much more loveable and cheeky and cuddly they like neck snuggling ooooohhh lovely, and are much more approchable easier to trim nails and treat medically, hate impacted bums though, but having done it for almost 2 years with Ginger he is fit and well and he sure looks grateful when he is cleaned out,
girls are more timid and skittish I can think of many boys that have made an impact on my life like Bear for instance, but girls dont seem to be like that, although Ruby was a character,
girls are easier to house boys need pairing up carefully but to be honest they are all so beautiful, so I dont care boys girls what ever I love them all
I am a self confessed boar addict, for me I like the size, they tend to be bigger and they also tend to be a bit more friendly with people. Not that girlies arn't but I gather boys are that bit more friendly. To be honest though, getting to know my sisters sows I can see the attraction of both sexes. Lets face it guinea pigs rock. Boys or girls. The reason I chose boars is because I was going for rescues and I know boys take a bit longer to rehome than girlies so I fell for a lonely boar. People have gievn me allsorts of reasons for my website. There are a few quotes on my homepage from people on the left hand side.
when I get more space I am going to have boys as well ;D

I was desperate to have Rocky's brother, but it just couldn't happen.
I really like a good big boar ;D. I've always managed to get boars tamer than sows, sows are more independant and prefer their own kind for company.

As I've never owned a Boar before, let alone two.

They run around the cage and bicker over at food time and when I show them the girls throu the wires, they bite the bars and coo at them. Is that all normal behaviour?
I currentely have 6 boars. They are so so different to the girlies. The boys I have are all so friendly. I have Mr Tiggy who lives with his son Joe. Ben (Mr Tiggy's other son) lives inside by himself as he use to live with his Uncle Whisky who died and then lived with Jippi who we still have. We also have Badger and Crater Head's baby Goggles living together :) I have noticed that sows bicker quite a lot and the boys either hate each other so much that it results in big fights or they get on with each other really well!
I can finally compare!

I think Sows are much more Laid back T&M are cool with everything whereas H,E&Z squinny if they dont like something, T&M are less cuddly though they prefer theyre own company but will have hte odd cuddle, They also seem much bigger compared to the boys not just chubbyness feature wise as well :)
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