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Jun 29, 2020
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I have two male guinea pigs, who are 3 years old and get along perfectly. But, I’m building a new cage that’s over 20 square feet and I thought they could use some company to share the new cage. After doing some research I’ve found out that getting more male guinea pigs isn’t a good idea and getting one females isn’t a good one either. But I’ve been thinking, what if I get two females and bond the girls first and then split them up and bond them separately with my current guinea pigs. So, any help on if it is a good idea and how to do it would be very much appreciated. The main goal is to get a new friend for my piggies without it harming their bond.


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Aug 2, 2018
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You are right in your research in that you cannot add any more piggies at all to a bonded pair of males. Put simply, they cannot have a new friend without breaking their bond. A bonded pair of boys don’t need another friend though. If they are bonded, then they have each other.

if you want to get more piggies, then the only way to do it without harming the bond of your current pair of boys is to get another pair of boys and keep them separately to your current pair.

Getting a pair of girls and then spitting up your boys and putting one boy with each girl - would be harming your boys bond through splitting then up. You would also be harming the bond between the two girls by splitting them up. If you got girls on spec and each boy did not get on with each girl, then you would likely struggle to get your boys to go back together again (I believe once a Male has lived with a female, then he likely won’t accept living with another Male again), so you could then end up with potentially four single piggies. It seems a shame to split up your boys if they have a good relationship just to put them with females.

(Boys would need to be neutered before being bonded with females in any event and then there is a six week wait to ensure they are infertile).

If you were to get a pair of females, and do leave your boys together, then the girls would need to be kept either in a totally separate room, or be kept in stacked cages with the girls at the bottom so that the boys cannot smell the females. Smelling females can break the relationship between two boys. You would always handle the boys first so you did not transfer smells to the girls. But, even with these measures there is no guarantee that the boys would not fight with each other if there were girls in the same room It is always advised to ideally never introduce females into a room where a bonded pair of boys live.

Also, just because you’ve got a bigger cage, it does not mean you have to fill it with piggies. Your pair of boys would thoroughly enjoy having a bigger cage just for themselves, you will see lots of zoomies and popcorning, and just generally very happy piggies with lots of space to roam! My pair of boys live in 48 square foot shed - they absolutely love it, I see such fantastic interaction between my two and they love having so much space

As I’ve said though in this situation, the best thing to do is to get a totally separate pair of boys, in a totally separate cage. That way, your boys can remain together and their relationship is not broken
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