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Both Pigs Died

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Mar 18, 2015
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Both of my guinea pigs died yesterday morning at the same time. Both were eating and drinking fine and were acting like normal i went in about a hour later both were dead. Does anyone have any ideas on what might have happend. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
I'm so sorry.

Were they indoors our outdoors at the time?
Aw, so very sorry, what tragic news. If outside they could have eaten something they shouldn't? How sad for you, take care and sending hugs xx
Could they have had access to anything they shouldn't eat? or anything they could have inhaled? did you notice any laboured breathing or discharge from the nose? were there any other animals nearby?
They where breathing fine i didnt see any discharge and they were in their cage i had them in a room with nothing in it except my rabbit which has its own cage across the room

I am ever so sorry for your upset. It must have come as a huge shock to you!

Dying indoors at the same time out of the blue leaves only a few avenues:
- poisoning either by eating or by something in their environment. With your current climate, a heat stroke can be excluded
- a huge sudden fright
- (less likely) a quickly striking contageous illness; but in that case, you would generally have noticed some signs of illness.

Unless you can afford to pay for a post mortem, you may likely never be able to find the cause - and even a post mortem may not be able to give you the desired answers if your piggies simply died from fright.

PS: you are welcome to post a tribute to your piggies in our Rainbow Bridge section any time that feels right for you.
Have you checked your flat for traces of monoxide poisoning? As your piggies are the smallest, they would be affected first. The gas is odourless.
It was a shock and thank you for the help and support. I havent checked for that but i definetly will thank you
Carbon monoxide can kill very quickly. If YOU start to get headaches, feel nauseous, get dizzy or start to feel breathless, get out of there FAST! There is still carbon monoxide in the air. Open your doors and windows and call the Gas Emergency Service 0800 111 999

Did you keep your piggies near a gas appliance? Turn off all your gas appliances. Get all your gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
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My heart is breaking for you. To lose one is awful but I cant even imagine losing two at the same time. Is the bunny ok?

Popcorn free little ones x
So sorry for your loss you must be devastated I would be inconsolable xx sending hugs to you xx rest well little ones x
I'm so sorry! With both of them passing so quickly, all I can think of would be some kind of environmental cause that they were both exposed to or some kind of trauma that they were both exposed to (for instance, an acquaintance had two gerbils die over the same night and had no idea what could have caused it- it turned out later that her child had knocked the cage off the dresser and onto the floor earlier and had been afraid to tell mom what happened, and they must have been injured in the fall.) I'm so sorry for your loss, what an awful shock!
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