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Boys Will Be Boys!

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Ha ha ha. Little terrors. They are so cute and tiny.
lololo very funny! I had this when we adopted Meg. I was sorting her run out and put a bag of hay on the bed that the adoption place gave me, I turned round and she was in it! it was so funny, I took a pic and got her out though as a plastic hay bag! :)DSC_2556.JPG DSC_2559.JPG
Hehehe so cheeky! Yes my piggies are just the same, I remember when I let them out and I thought I'd lost nibbles only to find him at the bottom of the hay bag. He was lucky I saw him coz he near camouflaged in the hay lol
XD what a funny photos! Archie climbed in the hay bag once, I laughed so much, he pulled such a cheeky face.
Beautiful piggy hoovers! :drool:
Adorable little pigs! My first pig did that once, but she climbed into a bag of lettuce!
Great photos- and you can't help but laugh at their naughty behaviour

Here is my Guiness (RIP) helping himself !

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