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Bulging eye?

Discussion in 'Health & Illness' started by kt1, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. kt1


    One of my Guinea Pigs, Hunter, has one eye bulging a lot. His other eye is quite big but that's his usual size of eye, alike his brother. But this eye is really bad - it almost looks like it isn't in the socket properly. I've tried my local vet... we took him to the emergancy vet on Monday. However, they said that there wasn't anything. But it's got slightly bigger, and I'm so worried. I don't want to take him back to that vet because I've called and asked for advice too, but they just say they can't even think what it is:{
    :( My next vet is 2 hours away. I will go to them but would it stress him even more? He is eating, drinking from his bowl, and seems fine. Any ideas?
  2. moonie8404

    moonie8404 New Member

    Jul 9, 2008
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    sorry to hear this - do you have any pictures so we can see what you are describing - a comparsion to other eye too?
  3. daftscotslass

    Senior Guinea Pig

    Oct 20, 2006
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    Stirlingshire, Scotland
    I'm sure there was someone on the forum with something similar. I'll have a search for you. Personally I'd get a second opinion to include an x-ray. If there's something going on behind the eye you'd want to know about it.
  4. kt1


    Thank you for the replies guys! I can't get a pic, my camera is currently broken and it doesn't recognise phone files. But his eye is looking dreadful. Should he be left in the pen with his piggie brothers?
    Xray... defintely?
    Will call the vet now,
    kt x
  5. I have no idea whether guinea pigs and hamsters are alike in any way but my last hammy had a similar problem. His eye had dislodged from the socket and so he couldn't close his eye, i took him to the vet and he said it was probably caused by a tumour behind the eye and that they could remove the eye but he was pretty old and probably wouldn't survive the anesthetic so in the end i had to have him put to sleep. I don't want to scare you or anything just sounds like a similar problem but i am NO guinea pig expert!
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