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Bunny Basic Or Jr Farm Grainless Complete For Bladder Stone Piggie?

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May 29, 2011
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Hello, I sadly lost a piggie on Sunday to bladder stones and another one underwent surgery today to remove a stone. She's waking up and seems ok but obviously I am reviewing the diet I feed my piggies. In terms of nuggets, I currently feed a small quantity of science selective pellets, but have been researching alternative low calcium options. I've done lots of reading and come up with a choice of either Bunny Basic at 0.6% Ca or JR Farm Grainless Complete at 0.5% Ca. I know a few on here feed Bunny to their piggies with bladder issues and was wondering what the advantages of this was over the JR Farm nuggets? Thanks
I feed the Bunny over the JR Farm grainless as JR Farm has more fruit in it and I have 2 pigs with Interstitial cystitis. JR Farm is my third choice pellet behind the Bunny and Vitakraft Emotion Prebiotic.
I've not tried the other alternative but my boys love their jr farm pellets
Where do you get both of those? Online? I have tried Vetcare multi-modal but they won't touch it even when there is nothing else and their current pellets are too high calcium for my liking....

I need trial bags of things to find something low calcium the fussy beggars will eat!
From Zooplus. I can always send you some of the Bunny, they only come in a big bag, I have some JR Farms too but it has been open a while, it is stored in a food container though.



That would be really helpful @helen105281 they are so fussy but I need to keep both Struan and Angus on something lower in calcium. I will pm you ;-)
What fruit is it that's in the JR Farm? I can't see any in the list of ingredients, except apple which is way down on the list. I've just bought 2 bags, is it not any better than the burgess excel, then?
I will need to check when home. It is still better than Burgess though but I have pigs with IC so avoid fruit.
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