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Burgess Excell Duel Care For Sick Piggies?

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May 8, 2010
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I am online "window" shopping and spotted this:


I have never seen this product before and wondered if anyone had tried it and is it any good for sick pigs? I like to keep diffrent things in for when my pigs get sick, and wondered if this was any good as syring feed?


I can see a few places stock it online- but never heard it mentioned before. I keep Critical care in- but my pigs have always been 50/50 on it and wondered if this was any good for a short term sick pig feed?

Thank you

Jenny :)
Interesting buddy, never seen that before either. Worth keeping in I think, will be getting some. When Cookie wasn't eating we were alternating between Science Recovery, CC and mashed pellets so the more you can tempt with the better.

How is Sweep? x
Yeh that was my though, i may order some in and give it a try. When i syringe fed Haven it was a mix of the 2 Critical care sachets and mashed pellets- but i think having alternatives are always good i think when a piggie is poorly. :)

Sweep is doing okay thanks, he's a little quieter than usual- i can tell he misses her- but he is eating / drinking fine- still wheeking for his veg and when i rustle a bag near him. I hate seeing him without Honor- he was the most devoted husboar to her- he adored her. Still cant quite believe she is gone..But hes getting lot of attention and his fave veg and treats to cheer him up until i am able to pair him up again at some point..
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