Butt rubbin'?


New Born Pup
Aug 17, 2020
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United states
If you haven't read my vet update post, I just need to mention quickly that Mr. Cookie is being treated with antiseptic wipes because he has irritation around his grease gland, but it appears to be healing nicely! We'll see what the vet says soon.

Anyhow. He gets his wipes every morning and every night. Two days ago, while I was giving him his nighttime treatment, he did something that really startled me! He was sitting on my lap and his little leg stuck straight out under him. I thought at first that maybe he was trying to escape or cover himself up, but he kept doing it and he was still lying flat.

Fast forward to last night, he did it again! After giving his treatment I scratched the area near the grease gland and bald spot to test his reaction. He kept up with it and eventually did it with both legs. He was also making really weird noises- hard to describe, so I'll have to get a video next time.

I worry I could be misunderstanding his body language. Has anyone else had a guinea pig that likes having their bums scratched, kind of like a dog?