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Buying A Piggy With Head Tilt

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Mar 18, 2015
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Hi all,

For the past week we have been considering buying a pair or guinea pigs, one which is recovering from a head tilt and the other is fully recovered. He was part of a litter that had five head tilts, three have fully recovered, one is partially recovered and one is still under treatment. The two we are considering buying have been vet approved to be re-homed.

He has had two courses of Baytril, two weeks on, five days off and then another two weeks.

He is showing no signs of scratching, discharge, odd behaviours. He is eating and drinking well.

He is just got a slight tilt, which I am guessing will be permanent from the infection.

I'm hesitating rehoming the little guys because I want to know what I am taking on first, I've always had guinea pigs, but never one with a head tilt.

What are the possibilities and difficulties we may face?
Do you know what has caused the head tilt? A serious ear infection can be the cause as well as neurological issues. It is certainly worth enquiring and making sure that you know whether there could any problems at a later stage, especially if you are new to guinea pigs.
Guinea pigs with permanent head tilts can still have a normal life expectancy and quality.
@furryfriends Excellent Adventure Sanctuary
My guinea pig has a head tilt from an ear infection and he lives a happy little life x
Minky came down with a head tilt caused by an inner ear infection which couldn't be operated on in October 2013 & despite being on various antibiotics over next 2 months she never fully recovered from it. She has lived a full life since then & now is the alpha female in her group. Her head tilt is approximately 10 to 15 degrees x
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