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Bye Bye Digger

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Oct 18, 2011
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My gorgeous girl Digger was put down on Sunday night after suddenly becoming ill. Real shock and still really upset as she was so lively and happy when we saw her two days previously. Now having the hard task of trying to make sure our other, Topsy is still happy and trying to find her another companion. RIP Dig!
I am so sorry for your loss! Digger was a stunning girl, and you must still be reeling from the shock!

Sadly, some illness can come right out of the blue and piggies - small animals that they are - can downhill very quickly! It is always heart-breaking having to let a beloved pet go. :(

RIP Digger

Where are you located? The best way of finding a new friend is by dating your piggy at a good rescue under expert superivision, so the piggies can make the choice whether they want to get on. Age and gender (neutered boar or sow) is less important than mutual liking for a loving new relationship; I have gone down this route either way with bereaved middle ages sows of mine, always with great success. Here is our good standard piggy savvy rescue locator; most of these rescues offer dating. We can also guarantee that the listed rescues have a mandatory quarantine and pregnancy watch.
I'm so sorry for your loss - Digger you will be missed :(
I hope that Topsy copes well - you may have to give her extra attention until you find her a new friend. My recently bereaved Ripple almost stopped eating for a week - I thought I would loose her too. I have been hand and syringe feeding her, she lost nearly 200gms over a week through grief. Keep an eye on Topsy. x
Oh no! SO sorry for your sudden loss.
Poor little Digger. You left us too soon, sweetheart. Have fun on the Bridge.
I am so sorry for the loss of your stunning girl. When the go so suddenly it is such an awful shock and hard to come to terms with. Huge hugs x

Sleep well little one

RIP Digger
x x
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