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C&c Cage - Connectors Or No Connectors?

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Mar 5, 2014
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Preston, UK
Hiya :)

I'm planning on rebuilding my piggies C&C after (hopefully) intergrating them into a herd of 3 in a few weeks.

At the moment they have a 3storey 3x2 C&C - I know this is a little small as extra floors don't 'count', we only have a small house and I'm trying to max out our available space, and all three of our pigs are efficient ramp-users.

My dilemma is, when I rebuild, should I carry on using the little connectors or construct the cage without it? I'm making some changes by installing some wooden brackets to support the floors as the two lower levels are going to be open-plan for maximum running-space - the fronts will be hinged for easy access.

At the moment we use connectors plus cable ties, but they drive me MAD as the grids keep popping out of them despite the cable ties, especially around the front. The flap-down fronts that the cage have don't have connectors and they seem so much more 'sturdy' and 'even' - if that makes sense! I saw a video too where cages were constructed without connectors - obviously with a shed load of heavy duty cable ties - and they did look really good - I'm just brainstorming - does anyone build their cages without connectors? Or does anyone have any pros and cons?

Thanks loads!

Jo x
Personally, I like the connectors as I feel they give more stability.
I have heard of people using P clips - may be worth looking into ...
Ooh thanks I'll have a look at them :)

Thanks for the reply - I just reread my post and realised how rambly it sounds lol!
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