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C&c Cage List.

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Oct 1, 2014
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Michigan, USA
Does anyone know what I would need to build a cage for Pumpkin & Peanut?
All though I have been very busy I think it would be a neat project to do!:D
You need:
- grids
- connectors or cable ties
- correx/coroplast
- duct tape and a stanley knife to cut the the correx to size/cut and shape any corners. To bend the sides, cut halfway through the correx from the underside
A pen and a tape measure as well as something long and straight to mark where you are cutting through fully and with a different colour or a different pattern where you can cut through only partially.

Thankfully, you can tape up any accidents or mistakes with duct tape. ;)

I would recommend making a 5-foot-long cage and putting the cage next to pumpkin's. If there isn't enough space for both cages, you can make a cage that is at least 6 foot long (but 8 or more would be preferable) and divide it along the middle (not lengthways, that would use loads of grids) using grids with a bit of correx on the bottom to create two 3 (at least) foot long cages. They'll be able to chat through the bars, and 3x2 foot is the minimum requirement for one piggy but 2x4 is probably better. :)
I'm from the States too, so I think I may be of help. :) There are the things you need, but here is where you can get them:
Grids- Walmart, Target, Sears, sometimes hardware stores, sometimes stores that sell storage items
Coroplast/Correx- Sign shops, occasionally hardware stores

You can also get premade cages from a lot of websites. For example, I am getting mine from guineapigcages.com, but I think it would be more fun to build one. Hope this helped!
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