C & C cage - newbe questions


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Sep 22, 2020
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United kingdom
Hiya everyone,

I've just joined! We have 2 guinea pigs that we rescued last year - Kia (girl) and Benji (neutered male). They both seem to get on fine and are such characters!

Currently they are in a hutch outside and have been since end of May. Thing is we live in Scotland and the temp is already dropping to single digits overnight. The plan was always to bring them back in side for the winter. We have an Indoor cage that was recommended to us by a well know pet shop, however I am horrified to find that it doesn't meet the minimums size requirements for 2 piggies. I am looking to upgrade to a c&c cage but I would need a lid as we have a, very interested, cat. I have a few questions if anyone would be able to help.

I was just going to buy the cage from C&C directly rather than try to put one together myself, this is mainly a time issue but also because I need it cat proof and not sure I would have the skills to create one as good as a bought one. Is there any big advantage to building myself that I am missing ( the cost didn't seem too different).

I want to try fleece liners instead of sawdust, I'm good on sewing machine and have seen the post on how to make them, but should I add a waterproof layer on the bottom like the shop bought ones?

If I want to add in the future how easy is that? I'm worried about the base, obviously I would need a bigger one but anyone know if that's possible with the C&C make?
Also what about the lofts, I understand I can have a low loft with a lid, but is there anyway to have a higher loft with a lid? I just thing the lower one looks a bit on the cramped side - I don't want to add a loft on straight away as I'm not sure the would use it but wanted to understand my options. Can you stack cages but make them cat proof?

Finally, I saw people use a litter tray with sawdust and hay in it. Is there any merit in trying to add a litter tray and see if they would use it? They are approx 1.5 and 3 years old.


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Oct 21, 2018
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Hi ther welcome to the forum.

I'm not sure about adding water proof stuff to fleece I'll let someone with more knowledge answer that. I just use puppy pads underneath.

For the litter trays I use them because it helps cuts down on the mess and they tend to pee and poop where they eat. So that helps reduce the waste too.


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Aug 2, 2018
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If you are going to buy the cage as a kit, then it should come with the correx. You don’t have to add a waterproof layer to your liner as the correx will do that job for you - you just need the absorbent layer (which goes directly on top of the correx)

If you increase the cage in the future, then it is very easy to do. You can simply buy correx on its own and add in an extra piece.

The only way to add a lid with a high loft would be to make the rest of the cage two grids high and then add the lid on. The disadvantage here would be that you could not be able to lean in like you can on a one grid high cage. My cage is two grids high though as I have an adventurous piggy who likes to climb! I have put lofts in and then taken them out as mine don’t tend to use them.

In general though, c&c cages are very flexible and can be added on go and changed pretty easily

Piggies will pee and poop where they eat (although in reality they will do it wherever they are). So catching pee and poop while they eat is coincidence (piggies can’t be litter trained). I don’t use litter trays


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May 21, 2020
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We have a C&C and use fleece too, when I make fleece liners I put a piece of wadding in the middle and then a layer of waterproof mattress protector around it, I like them to have a bit of padding for their feet! We also use noodle bath mats where we put their hay as it shakes out much easier. we have two cat litter trays that we put under the loft and ramp we just put fleece pee pads in them and to be fair id say about 85% of poops end up in their, but I know this is very dependent on the piggies!