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I am looking at the idea of replacing some of my old hutches in my shed for the piggies with C&C. It is a shed which is extra thick so more insulated plus it has extra insulation on the walls against both the hot and cold than most sheds, it is insulated under the shed between the base and the ground, it has heating in a form of an electric green house heater and will both a normal wooden door which can be used as a stable door with an additional strong mesh door to protect the piggies from predators.

I am thinking of using C&C (which will allow for more adaptability) for these ensuring that everything is draught proofed for the winter with some removal panels for the summer months to ensure that they get more fresh air when the weather is better.

This will be a multi occupancy shed, with a number of differently sized cages. My questions are:

Do people think this is a reasonable idea?

How do people go about 'shutting' the doors of the individual cages allowing enough space to gain access to clean them out?

Is cleaning out easy if you use single layers for each group of piggies?

When you line the cages is the side walls continuous with the bases?

Do you have any other ideas which would be useful for me to know?




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Aug 9, 2006
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Sounds like a good idea but could become tricky if you need to multi-layer etc.

I use the C&C cubes along the fronts of my cages, they are just 2 shelves running from wall to wall. I have wooden slates on the fronts and up the walls to hold the cubes inplace and then my middle 2 panels aren't joined so I can operate them like doors. It works really well as they are off the floor and I can simply remove the entire panels for cleaning.

I think if you wanted to make all your cages from C&C I would think making a stack would be your best bet, and then make the fronts like flaps somehow. Ideally sitting them on a table/shelf to keep them off the floor. You could then line the floors with MDF or lino perhaps to stop the lower piggies getting covered in poops from above LOL! ;D

All this talk of change is giving me the itch! ::)
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